Days gone by…

Well looky here…
I couldn’t keep away from the blogging world forever so I rebooted, reproduced and returned.

Much has happened since I put Days Like These to rest. We moved to the USA and came home. We re-bought a whole bunch of stuff and we made an Addison. I still love vampires, though my love extends to zombies now too. (All hail the greatest show on television..TWD.)
The USA provided some awesome experiences and helped me learn much about myself and those around me. So happy to be home but I do miss my second home and the people I call my Americans.

Our greatest achievement aka Addison has brought a kind of happiness into our lives that I can’t describe well enough, except to say that perhaps she was the ‘thing’ that I was looking for when we moved to the USA. She wasn’t born in the USA but she will always be our little Yankee; made in America. 6 months on from giving birth (via the sunroof after 68 hours) I’m finally feeling human again. And more so, feeling like me again. And itching to get back into blogging. It’s taken me about 3 months to get the blog built as someone keeps distracting me with excellent cuteness, and I’m not really sure how blogging and babies work but we’ll see how we go. I figure if I can make it through the pain of initial breastfeeding, I can blog with a baby.

So, a brief hello and welcome to all my bloggy friends. I hope you enjoy Listen Sookie as much as you all seemed to enjoy DLT.

3 thoughts on “Days gone by…

  1. Kelly

    So glad you’re back, Mez!!! America misses you, baby, but I’m sure we’ll see you again! Addison will eventually need to visit her second home 🙂 Miss you love you heaps! xx


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