Pack light? Yeah right.

We’re going to Noosa tomorrow for a much needed holiday. Christmas mania is over and I’m ready for some away time. Cocktails and the pool…yeah right. I have realised that I am now faced with having to accept, at some point between now and 11.40am tomorrow, that a holiday will never be the holiday I’m used to until Addison is a cranky teenager who sleeps in till 10 and refuses to sit by the pool with us. (I maintained a 4 lounge chair rule between the ages of 14 and 18.) And what was the first clue of this seismic shift in holidaying? Let me tell you….
Packing every bloody thing we own. I’m not exaggerating. Seriously. I started well over a week ago after diligently making a list. I was very pleased with my neatly written and well thought out list. That was until I realised that a whole bunch of stuff was missing. Stuff that I would actually need. Like bibs. And floaties. And her sleeping bags, in different togs of course; should the weather go unseasonably cool. (In QLD, in the middle of Summer..I know.) And so my neatly printed list turned into a shredded piece of paper with scribbled writing from end to end that eventually ended up being half eaten by Addison when I was attempting to make dinner the other night.
I remember when packing went one of two ways…
1) Over packing non essentials: high heels, hair straighteners, 14 dresses for 6 days, just in case clothes (think snow boots for Hawaii) and a make up bag big enough for 4 people.
2) Only the essentials with half an empty suitcase that would return full of shopping. Plus an extra suitcase I bought to fill.
Either way, it was easy and didn’t require planning for weeks.
So. Today I’d finally finished and ended up with about 1/6 of the suitcase left over for my stuff. That was until I realised I’d forgotten to pack a few toys for the poor child. And my breast pump. I mean, it would be nice to have a couple of feeds off so I could at least attempt a few champers on NYE. (Plus I want to keep the boobs in at Australia Zoo for several reasons I probably don’t need to go into.) Sigh. Soooooo, I had to repack again and put some stuff in with the pram and someone else’s bag (Who’s going to get a big suprise when he unpacks a Hello Kitty blanket and a hair straightner).

So, in all we have; 2 very large suitcases, 1 backpack, 1 handbag, 1 nappy bag, 1 porta-cot, 1 pram in ridiculously large travel bag and 1 baby in Baby Bjorn. (Who I hope doesn’t scream the plane down whilst cranky passengers stare at us like we’re bad parents because heaven forbid, our baby should cry.)
Wish me luck. And a few cocktails.

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