A weighty issue no longer.

I spent a lot of time writing about my weight on my previous blog. At the time it was such a huge (no pun) part of my existence. I felt that people judged me based on the number that the scale reflected, yet the person who judged me the most, was me. Since Addison’s birth I haven’t really given it as much thought as I once did. Though heaven knows I’m ‘supposed’ to. The magazines, websites and other people who all bang on about losing the baby weight, sigh. (To be honest I have lost it all, it’s just that I haven’t lost what was there before.) I think as women, we’re way too harsh on ourselves and each other. And I get sick of people whose only topic of conversation is weight and weight loss. I think what I’ve realised through my own insecurity, is that the constant discussion of it, is the only way some people can offset their own insecurities. And this often also seems to involve bringing other people down. There is no need to justify your choices to me or to prove yourself. I don’t care if you eat nothing but chips and coke or live off beans and broccoli. As long as you’re my friend, I’m going to love you for you.
I’m not actually sure what my ‘goal’ weight is. I’m not sure I even have such a thing or really want one. I’ve been different weights at different ages, some worked, some didn’t. I’m curvy, I like it, I have a bum and boobs, I like that too. I don’t feel that desperate need to obsess over a number or size anymore. Maybe because Addison is more important, or maybe because pregnancy made me value and appreciate my body more or maybe just because I’ve grown up a bit and realise it’s about being healthy, not about being thin. I can no longer try and fit into a mould that involves me starving, bingeing, starving, bingeing.
Both spouse and I are eating better to ensure we are around for our little one for a very long time. I feel better and have more energy. No radical diets. Just good food, prepared at home and no soft drink. (That’s the only thing I’ve cut because it makes me cray cray.) And thanks to a whole wave of plus size friends and bloggers, I’ve found clothes that fit me and look good. Why should I wear nothing but daggy clothes just because I’m not a size zero?
I like food, I like living, I like me. I have taken back my power on this issue and have given the haters their insecurities back; on a platter.

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