Death to the Yummy Mummy {Well not death, but you know what I mean.}

I have taken agin the term Yummy Mummy. To be honest I haven’t actually taken any notice of it till now. That is until someone told me I needed to become one. Not be one, not am one…BECOME one. Well. Am I not delicious already? Not a tasty treat? Apparently not. Here’s how it all went down..
Butthead…”You should become a yummy mummy!”
Me “Huh?”
Butthead…“Yes, you know. Get your body back!”
Me “I wasn’t aware I’d lost it.” (Ha, ha. I’m so droll.)
Butthead “No” Confused pause. “But don’t you want to lose weight?” (I know, seriously, who asks that?)
Me “Well I’d like to be healthier and get a little more moderation happening.”
Now this is where I use humour to deflect my violent tendencies.
“Except for Magnums, I’m not moderate about them. I’m going to continue to eat the shit out of them.”
Butthead Confused pause.
End conversation as butthead moves away.
I am slightly bemused by the whole thing. Bemused because I wonder what my physical aspect really has to do with this person’s life? Does it affect her day to day happenings so much that I’m not measuring up to her beauty standards? Is it that hard to accept me as I am? Or is she just a blathering idiot?
The whole term itself is so lame. It really is. Put on your lamest voice and say it. Yummmmmy Mummmmy. I’m sorry if you like it. But it really does nothing to further the cause of letting people be themselves. Rather it just makes those of us who don’t aspire to be stick insects feel shitty. Also when you’ve had no sleep, have vomit down your shirt and are wearing the only clean thing you have you don’t feel yummy, mmmkay? And why should I? Sometimes I like to schlepp around and be anything but yummy. (Though Spouse tells me I’m very yummy, bless him.) It’s awfully liberating to be imperfect. Those of you aspiring to be perfect? I suggest you relax, go buy a Magnum and eat the shit out of it.
I am.


6 thoughts on “Death to the Yummy Mummy {Well not death, but you know what I mean.}

  1. Rhi @ Hummingbird's Song

    Mez you are a total tasty treat 😛

    Seriously, I embrace the whole healthy lifestyle thing because I enjoy it. It’s my thing. Not to be a freaking ‘yummy mummy’ (ugh). If anyone called me that I would feel incredibly patronized and would want to punch them in the face.

  2. Mez B

    Thanks Rhi! Exactly, we should be doing things because we want to, not because others tell us! Your health journey is so inspiring, I’d love to be able to do as much running as you! xx

  3. Teneal

    Urgh, I can’t stand the term ‘yummy mummy’. I don’t like what it implies. Would I like to lose weight? Yep. Do I want to be a bit more stylish? Sure. But I wanted this before I had a child too, and honestly I am far to busy looking after said child and making sure he is happy then to worry endlessly about being ‘yummy’ – whatever the hell that means. I’d rather be called smart, funny or even a bitch then be called ‘yummy’.

    Loving your blog Mez!

  4. Emma

    I’m going to vote for c) blathering idiot. Seriously though isn’t the term “yummy mummy” just the more PC term for MILF? Basically they are one and the same, no? Ugh I hate labels.

    So happy that you’re blogging again Mez, really enjoying it 🙂


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