Perfection? {Not quite}

Today is a bit bleurgh. The weather is m’eh and both Addie and I were majorly in need of a lazy day. I did however promise Spouse I’d take his shirts to the dry cleaner. (You see, I don’t iron. We don’t even own one. I hate it because I am bad at it. So I gave up. It’s the only cleany type job I dislike.) Anyway, I digress. So being the excellent wife I am I knew I would have to leave the house at some point to deliver the shirts. Ugh. Such effort to get dressed and get in car and go. I threw on the easiest thing I could find on and decided Addison could stay in her jammies. Yep, no airs and graces here. Get to shops, drop off dry cleaning, grab lunch and head back. Phew. Minimum fuss, jobs done, excellent wife. Yeah. Until I get home and realise Addison has pulled my top down and it’s hitched under my bra. Could explain why people were looking at me weird. Seriously!? Why don’t people tell you these things? More importantly why didn’t I realise? My powers of observation in relation to myself are truly shot. Awesome. I blame Spouse. If it wasn’t for his stupid shirts I would never have left the house and given the good people of Fig Tree shops a free show.
As a new Mama it’s not hard to drop the ball a bit when it comes to yourself and your appearance. The days are filled with so many other things that require your attention and usually I throw on things that are easy for feeding, OK to get dirty, comfy etc etc. And often I just haven’t got the energy to expend on myself. And really, I’ve never been overly concerned to be honest. Sure, I’m mad about my eyebrows being done but I just find other things more interesting than ensuring I look 100% perfect every day. Clean and neat is one thing, but being perfect is not my thing. I love seeing people who are really well put together though. Unless it’s preppy, boat shoe put together. That is not my thing. J Crew does my head in.
If I were to pick the perfect outfit, it would look like this…


There is not one thing I don’t love about this set. Hmmmm, maybe I should start paying some more attention to myself. Not flashing people might be a good place to start.


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