Round Up! {A Catch Up Post.}

So life as we know it as about to resume. School’s going back, the holidays are well and truly over and all the Christmas/NYE feelings are gone for another year. It felt strange not packing myself off to work today! Not strange enough to cancel my leave and head back, calm down please. But still strange. I won’t be returning till Term 3; just 2 days a week. I’m very happy with that arrangement as I don’t want to be away from smushy any more than the 2 days, but those 2 days at work will be good for me and my wallet. And Addison gets some one on one time with my Mum and Dad whom she loves.
We had a super busy long weekend. It was my Dad’s birthday on Australia Day and I was successful in my present project for him! He loved it and I was chuffed. I now understand the handmade buzz people rave about! It was so easy and I’m loving the Pic Monkey photo editing site. Free, easy and the collages are great. Sunday and Monday we had lovely lunches on and I enjoyed myself some wine and food. (Though it all came to a head last night when I went one meal too far with Tiramisu and spent the next hour rolling around holding my stomach feeling like an alien was going to emerge.) Sadly the Australian Open is also over, roll on the next major please. Though Spouse is visibly happy the tennis is finished, no idea why. You don’t see me punching the air and dancing around when the stupid Basketball is over for the year. Hmpf. (I don’t think he’s realised I’ll be able to watch all the grand slams on Foxtel. Ha.)
Speaking of projects, I did not accomplish project sleep, big failure. I’m at the point now where I think I need to 100% cut out caffeine. I’m scared. But also desperate. Worth a go, hey?
We are having a off week this week. We both need a rest and Addison needs some time at home. I’m about to embark on The Organised Housewife’s 20 Days to organise and clean your home challenge for the second time as everything is all a bit haywire round the house. I’m also delving into getting my bunting business up and running. Have lots of cutting, sewing and stitching to do this week! I can’t wait to share my creations with you.
Don’t forget to send me your cupcake creations! Mine will be up Thursday.
PS Did you know I have a Facebook page? Link is on my About Me page!

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