She’s complicated, like the Davinci Code. {A Parenting Post.}

Addison, my child, my child…has gone off food. MY CHILD. (Me, who during a particularly heinous contraction actually ate twisties and could’ve gone more if offered. Who, during a stomach bug could possibly still eat if offered say, a Hot Fudge Sundae.) She’s off food. Possibly for good. I’ll be breastfeeding forever. Imagine the outrage.
OK, maybe I’m exaggerating about that last part. But two things have happened. One, she’s learnt how to shake her head for No. (At 6 months old.) And two she refuses anything on a spoon and as of yesterday, refuses finger food too. The No/Stubborn thing doesn’t surprise me. As I said, she’s my child. The food thing does. 
I took her to the ECC Nurse and she explained that this happens often, nothing to worry about etc etc. Then I took her to my Mum, who repeated the same thing. Then I looked to the Internet, who said “Food before one is just for fun.”  Then I dragged Addison to the Library and read all the same stuff that I’d already heard. Covered all bases. (I like to be thorough.) Right, nothing to worry about. But to be honest I’m kinda insulted. I spent hours, HOURS, chopping, cooking and pureeing healthy and tasty food for her and she turns her nose up at them. So I tried fruit; sweet, sweet fruit. Good for a few days until now not even that. So I tried toast and other finger foods, again good but now no. In fact this morning she hurled a particularly large piece of avocado at my head. Take that Mama.
Maybe it’s teeth? Or just stubbornness? It’s not the taste because I’ve tried everything she’s having and it’s good, damn good. I even made spouse test it and he agrees. Who bloody knows? My child is complicated, like the Davinci Code. They all are really.
I decided today that enough is enough. I’m not bothering with food until she gets over this phase. I’m sick of doing the “Open wide, it’s an aeroplane!” routine over and over like a raving lunatic. And I’m sick of the food going everywhere but in her mouth. I’m continuing with the baby led weaning so she’s at least still being exposed to foods. But no more purees for now. It’s a mad waste of time. Plus, not realising you have a gob of toast hanging in your hair until you’re home from the shops isn’t cool.
Parenting. No one said it was easy. And if they do, they’re lying.
Great name for my anti-establishment parenting book, coming soon.
 PS She is ridiculously cute in that photo. I want to eat her. My little smushy.

3 thoughts on “She’s complicated, like the Davinci Code. {A Parenting Post.}

  1. AnnaField

    Hilarious!!! I’ll help pen a chapter for your anti-establishment book on sleeping – HA! Nothing like realizing that there’s a gob of toast in your hair when returning from the shops!

  2. SarahMac

    Anti-establishment is how I roll, parenting wise. I spent a shizz load of time lovingly preparing this kind of food for baby no. 1. Baby no. 2, I started it, and then realised it was all too hard. He gets mooshed up whatever we eat. If he don’t like it, he don’t eat it. I will buy 20 copies of your Anti Establishment book. Put me down now. 🙂


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