What a boob.

Evening everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t deliver my Aussie Curves post as promised, I have had a very challenging weekend of sleep deprivation and had to juggle some work for The Australian Open with the little one. However I have been wanting to blog about the current ‘breastfeeding in public’ debate all weekend. I’m not suprised it was David Koch who started this. Let’s be honest, the man is a douchebag, conservative prat. It really is a very sad fact that in today’s society it is considered more acceptable to walk around with half your bum hanging out of your shorts and enough cleavage to suffocate someone than it is to feed your child. In fact, it is the height of hypocrisy. Go into any shopping centre, turn on a video clip (Call on Me by Eric Prydz, ahem!), read a magazine and be confronted with half naked women at every turn. But heaven forbid should a mother feed her child in front of you. Doing, with her boobs, what nature intended. It is our society that has sexualised breasts and women to the point of no return, not a mother feeding her hungry baby.
Here’s the thing, I don’t care how you feed your child. I don’t care if you breastfeed, bottle feed or do both. It is your choice. And luckily, in this country we have a choice. As we also have a legal right to breastfeed wherever we want. Some women prefer to cover themselves, some not. Some want to feed in private, others don’t care. The point is, no one should feel they have to do it a certain way for fear of ‘offending’ others. For me, I have had trouble feeding out because Addie always used the football hold so it was tricky to balance her without a big pillow which I didn’t feel like schelpping around. Now she goes across me so I can feed out, and do. And here’s the thing, she HATES the cover. She pulls it off. It’s hot and she feels suffocated I think. So I pop her on and to be honest you can’t see any more skin that what you would in my cossie. In fact last time I went to the beach I saw a hell of a lot more. It was tits a kimbo. I’m talking boobies galore. But that’s OK. Because that’s what boobs are for. The viewing pleasure of men only. Right. It’s not surprising then, that people are uncomfortable with it. Women’s bodies are a sexual commodity in today’s world. And if you’re not a size 0, large breasted, or ‘hot’ you don’t matter sister. So put that blanket over your boobies immediately, cause people don’t want to see what nature intended you to do with them! Tanning topless is fine though.

 Look I’m not a raging Germaine Greer, angry feminist. I don’t care about ladies having the girls on display. I’m not a prude. Cleavage is a good thing. (Though I would prefer my daughter did not wear those bum shorts.) But you can’t say showing skin is fine and then baulk at breastfeeding. The irony is ridiculous. It makes me want to face palm hard. Especially when people label breastfeeding as ‘disgusting’. Oh, the best one is..’Feed in the toilet, or the parent’s room. Where you’re SUPPOSED to go.’ Nah, I’m not supposed to go anywhere and those room are gross. Why don’t you go eat your sandwich in the public toilet? Comparing breastfeeding to urinating is another fave amongst the haters. ‘Oh but they’re both natural! And I don’t do that in public.’ Yeah eating and going to the toilet? Two different things you moron.

Tomorrows ‘Nurse In’ isn’t about angry hippies as I saw one FB post put it. It’s about normalising breastfeeding and pushing the point that yes, we can feed legally in this country wherever we want. We do not need Kochie’s or anyone’s permission to feed our children.
And frankly, Mr Kochie, your head offends me. So please go put a blanket over it.

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