Floral Blazers and Bunting {A getting organised post}

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I love this weather! It’s cool and rainy. Perfect cosy inside weather. Summer is almost over, wahoo! (Comiserations my Summer lovin’ friends, I’m here to help you through your time of need. There, there.) So during my week of soul searching I decided I need to stop living/planning my life inside my head so much and get some of my plans/ideas actually out and into the real world.

Firstly I really need to pay myself a bit more attention. Not in a lame, fruity way. More like I should remove the 3 month old nail polish and brush my hair more. I’ve said it before, having a child sometimes makes you disappear a bit and your appearance can go south. (Unless of course you are the perfect YUMMY MUMMY who has all your shit together, in which case go forth and conquer the school pickup in your skinny jeans and floral blazer. I salute you. Actually to be honest I wouldn’t wear a floral blazer if you paid me.) I need to really put some effort in, sigh. I think people probably wonder why my bum is so big when I’m constantly working out. Because I’m always in gym gear. Get it? Yeah my black gym pants are comfy and easy, there is no working out. So I either need to work out or wear something else. And since I like my black gym pants, working out it is. I bought the Michelle Bridges XBOX game, so we shall see. And if anything, it should provide some entertainment for Addison. At the end of the day I don’t want to be skinny, just need to tighten things up a bit. Tighten and polish. (And remove the polish.) I did get my hair done on the weekend, though it’s a bit dark so I kinda look like a witch. And the bastards didn’t give me a head massage, which is, let’s face it, the only reason you go to the hairdressers and fork out stupid amounts of money. Excellent use of $130, NOT.
Don’t tell spouse.
Secondly, I’ve finally ‘launched’ my bunting business To Bunting with Love. Ever since I first visisted the USA in 2002 I’ve loved bunting. Except I’ve never been able to find ones I like here. So after much thought I decided to start making them. And then I thought maybe I could make them for other people. So I am. I’m really excited about it and looking forward to sharing my designs with the world. It fulfills a creative outlet for me and keeps my crazy mind busy, which is a good thing right? (If you’d like more info, check out the tab at the top of the blog.) I’m still getting started but sewing daily so more and more designs will be up soon!
Oh, I’m finally getting some sleep. Thank the Lord. I’m getting to sleep and Addison is making it through till 5/6ish, which is fabbo. I’ve been doing a dreamfeed at 10pm to push her through and it’s working. She’s still refusing food (ahem, vegetables) off a spoon but is at least feeding herself meat and veg and allowing me to give her yoghurt and fruit. We have come to a tentative agreement it seems. She’s so damn strong willed. I know, I too have no idea where she gets that from. But I love having a feisty one, it makes life interesting.

I love feeling organised, it’s my favourite way to feel.


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