The Story of Us…{Happy Valentine’s Day!}

I am a fan of Saint Valentine. I like today. There are flowers everywhere and chocolates. I like heart shaped things too. (If you ask me, there isn’t enough heart shaped things in the world.)
So I thought today I’d scrap the post I’d planned and instead give spouse a bit of blog love, because he isn’t half bad.
This year marks 5 years of marriage and 16 years together for us. That’s half our lives. He has work mates that were toddlers when we first met. It’s a long time and we sometimes forget just how much we’ve woven and achieved in that time.
I met spouse in Manly in May, 1997. Which is funny, because I do not like Manly. (It’s too far away, there’s nowhere to park and I maintain they stole my beloved North Sydney Bears away. PLUS Tony Abbott is their Federal MP.) So of all the places, it is funny that I found him there. 2 weeks after meeting, on the 24th of May, 1997 we started dating and shared our first kiss on the crumbling steps of a wall on Epping Rd in Lane Cove. We’ve finished High School together, completed 4 degrees between us, seen friends come and go, celebrated marriages and babies with our friends and farewelled others overseas.We’ve lived in 4 different apartments in Lane Cove (The dislike I have for Manly? Put that intensity into love and it’s projected onto the LC.) And one apartment in Los Angeles. We’ve travelled the USA and Mexico and achieved our dream of living there. We have been separated by time and distance and managed to pull together during this time and come out stronger. We’ve had 4 cars between us and he has always been good about driving my ‘girly’ mobiles. We’ve argued and fought like crazy, and both of us have stormed off more than once. (Mostly me.)  I have broken very expensive televisions and he ‘accidently’ broke one of our wedding glasses. And we disagree on as much as we agree on. We’ve loved and farewelled our first baby, Sooty and still maintain that she was the funniest cat alive. We’ve had 2 weddings…one on the 24th May, 2008 in Sydney and then another in 2010 in Las Vegas. And now we have one little person who has made us all the more stronger.
Marriage, relationships, ain’t easy. It takes work and commitment. But it’s worth it. The story of us is epic. Spouse is my soul mate and my best friend. He puts up with a lot and makes me a better Mez. We complement each other in so many ways and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him.  He doesn’t mind what size I am or what I choose to do with my life. He doesn’t try to change me or squash me or demand anything of me. And for that, I am grateful. He is strong enough to handle my feisty and loves me for it.
And I love him. Very, very much.
Happy Valentine’s Day bubby, you are one in a million.

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  1. Mrs Holsby

    That’s a great letter….makes me wish I gave my baby daddy a little Valentine’s love…..
    Maybe I’ll hit him when he’s least expecting it. Metaphorically, of course.


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