Bubble Skirts & Glo Worms {Nostalgia Bites}

The eighties were the sunshine of my life.
The music, the movies, the hair. I wanted to live in Sweet Valley, I was Jessica Wakefield.
 In my 8 year old mind anyway. 
You see, of late I am having some serious nostalgia for the good old days. Which basically means I’m old. Because when you start wishing for the simpler days of yore, you know you’re over the hill. It’s not that I anti now, not at all. I love now. I just kinda miss when music was upbeat, sitcoms were rife and movies made you feel like you could conquer the world, The Breakfast Club anyone? I was in love with the idea of America and everything in it. (Yes, idea. Because sadly when we moved there I did not find Sweet Valley, just another part of the world, much the same as here.) I wanted to be cool like my big sisters. I wanted to go to discos and wear bubble skirts. I wanted a locker and a folder to carry on my hip and plaster with stickers. Trading stationery was on trend, and Glo Worms were a powerful commodity. 
 It was an exciting time to be alive people, even more so if you had a penchant for fluro, which I did. 
If you were at all theatrically inclined (I was), it was the perfect moment in history for you. My next door neighbour and I reenacted the entire Thriller film clip for my Dad one weekend, complete with a sleeveless white jumper, with Thriller splashed across the front in electric blue writing. (I was lucky enough to see MJ twice in concert.) Another time I acted out a scene  from Purple Rain by wrapping my sister’s black Lycra leggings around my head bandeau, Prince style. Sleepovers were made all the more terrifying with the introduction of Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. Well at least until someone had an asthma attack from the excitement. (yeah alright, it was me.) We didn’t have cyber bullying but we did have prank calls. Usually on a phone so heavy you could have bashed someone’s head in with it. 
Maybe it’s just childhood that I want to reminisce about. Perhaps being a mother has made me remember those long ago days of endless Summer holidays and visits to Granny Mae’s. Having a child is kinda like reliving it all over again. It’s like waking up and seeing the world a bit clearer, the way they do. Cause to them, everything is new and exciting and they are in love with their world and everything in it.
As the great Ferris Bueller once said…
Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once 
in a while, you could miss it.


13 thoughts on “Bubble Skirts & Glo Worms {Nostalgia Bites}

  1. Mrs Holsby

    I wonder if anyone ever wanted to be sweet, dependable Elizabeth??
    You managed to nail all of my early teen fave movies. Nothing has come close to Breakfast Club, and Bueller since.
    I don;t care what anyone says!!

    1. Mez B

      Poor Liz. I know, and the funny thing is, she had the best boyfriend, Todd!! But Jessica was just more exciting maybe? I agree, those movies shaped my life. Did you like Weird Science too? xx

  2. jessigirl84

    Ohh I loved Sweet Valley High, my sister Libby and I used to pretend to be Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield! But I also really loved Babysitters Club, we even had our own little club, never did we look after kids though! hahaha. Great post Mez x

  3. NessofBoganville

    I was an 80’s teen and I read those Sweet Valley High books too. They were just beyond awful but I still read them. Interestingly they were still going years later after I stopped reading and the twins were still 16 and in high school.. what the..?? lol

  4. minsmash.com

    I used to be obsessed with America too. I guess there were so many shows on TV that came out of the USA and made it seem like THE place to be! I wanted to be a cheerleader and was so annoyed that there was no such thing at our schools. I used to read Sweet Valley High books too. 🙂

  5. Robomum

    This post could be about me! I loved SVH and The Babysitter Club. I so wanted to be friends with Stacey and join their club. Also loved all things America.
    Having moved there as a kid like you did would’ve been a dream come true!

  6. havealaughonme

    I think so books were such great escapism, especially for someone like me who grew up on farm, 45 mins from town! I also loved the Babysitters Club and then all the Virginia Andrews books – Flowers in the Attic etc -Em

  7. Grace

    Oh, I love that Ferris Bueller quote! I am a proud 80’s tragic!
    Granny Mae’s was my favourite shoot and I read “Sweet Valley High” books religiously!
    Don’t even get me started on MJ and Prince! Or the Breakfast Club!

  8. Cathy

    Oh, what a great post! It encapsulates everything that Flashback Friday is about and is precisely the reason I love it! Feel free to come back every Friday, if not with a post, then just for a trip down memory lane – it’s always fun 🙂 Sorry it took me so long to get to reading posts this week! So many fond memories conjured up from reading this….must find a pic of me in one of those bubble skirts lol.


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