I am Justin Bieber {A Parenting Post}

Addison has developed a healthy does of separation anxiety. Apparently bang on time too. Such a clever Smushy. Every time I move more than 30cm from her she cries; big, fat tears roll down her cheeks. It’s tragic, seriously heartbreaking. She puts her arms up and screams for ‘Mama!’ And when I go to her, she’s so happy she squeals. I feel like how a boy band at a concert full of adoring 12 year olds must feel. 
Yesterday I moved her around with me all day, every room I went to, I dragged her in with me. At first it was kinda amusing. By the end of the day I was ready to stick my head in the oven. And of course there’s the added issue of the toilet. I think my bladder exploded at some point as after a while I simply stopped needing to go. When I finally did go I had to spend the entire time calling out to her, promising I’d be back in a second. It was not conducive bathroom time. 
Here’s the thing though, I kinda like it in a weird way. I’ve never had anyone love me so much they cry if I go to the kitchen to get a drink. I mean, I know Spouse loves me but he’s OK with me leaving the room and in fact, there are times when he ‘encourages’ me to do so. 
Strongly encourages.
I know the liking it will wear off, probably the same time she grows out of it, but it’s a bit nice to be needed. And one day she’ll be 16 and probably hate me because I picked her up from a party and honked the horn, and I’ll be trying to remember the days when she loved me so much, I couldn’t leave her side. 
However I don’t need to feel needed at bedtime. I would prefer she preferred going to bed over hugging me.  Because, as most Mums know, 6/7 pm is clock off time, read…wine o’clock. 

11 thoughts on “I am Justin Bieber {A Parenting Post}

    1. Mez B

      Teenagers. Ick. I never ever considered teaching HS cause I wouldn’t cope. It is a scary thought having to parent one, knowing some of the naughtiness I got up to. x

  1. Aroha @ Colours of Sunset

    i remember that stage. it was exhausting. it is nice to be wanted, but so much nicer to see them developing a little independence and confidence. i guess just enjoy the cuddles while they’re there! he he. -aroha #teamIBOT

  2. Krystle

    It doesn’t last forever but some days it feels like it will. Hope that the anxiety passes quickly, it seemed to to go on forever with my first but hardly affected my 2nd at all. Guess all kids are different. Take care 🙂

  3. havealaughonme

    Mez I LOVE that comment on first pic – funnez!!
    It’s wine o’clock at 5pm here and I hate to sound like an old cranky mother of three but my youngest is desperate when I leave the room and drives me (to drink) batty! Hence the earlier start time 🙂 Emily

  4. Mrs BC

    It’s nice to be needed. I bet she still needs you at 16, although hopefully you’ll be able to go to the bathroom in peace by then.

  5. EssentiallyJess

    I think we can all understand this! It’s both a wonderful and annoying thing at the same time!
    Hope she gets over the clinginess soon, but still remains super cuddly for you 🙂
    Thanks for linking today

  6. Iliska Dreams

    Jarvis loves to go to the bathroom with me. It is such entertainment for him, from handing me one sheet of loo paper at a time, to clapping when I do something. Yes he got the clapping from me for when he does something on the loo. Oh and a word of warning the loo thing never ends! My 20year old thinks it is the perfect place to always come in and have a conversation with me and tell me about her day.



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