IQS Update {Under Control…for now.}

A very quick update….
I’m almost finished Week 2 of IQS and I feel good. Really good actually. Things are working better in my mind and body, including sleep. The cravings are for the most part, under control and I do believe this is because I’m eating good fats that fill me up and take away the whole deprivation issue. (I am in love with haloumi. Seriously, try it. You’ll want to eat the shit out of it.) I do have some night cravings for chocolate but now that my IQS cookbook has arrived I have some chocolatey recipes to try. 
However, I am still eating a piece or two of fruit daily, plus having honey in my tea. And next week is kaput week. Kaput meaning, it’s all going. For a short while anyway. After it’s out of my system for a period of time, I’ll aim to reintroduce 1-2 pieces of fruit a day and the occasional treat. We shall see. Maybe I’ll be over sugary stuff by then? I’m not betting on it, but you never know.
We’re going to Fiji for a family holiday in May. Maybe I’ll be able to wear shorts if I keep this no sugar gig up. Without, you know, scaring the heck out of the other tourists. 
(Jean shorts, no preppy chino crap thanks.)

2 thoughts on “IQS Update {Under Control…for now.}

  1. Kristi

    lol “eat the shit out of it”. Definitely the best sentence I’ve read all day!

    You have inspired me to cut out sugar. Not fully, just the obvious stuff so far – chocolate, lollies, diet soft drinks etc, and 9 days on I’m 2.3kg down. Amazing!


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