Meth Labs and Magazines {Yikes}

I have been exceptionally lazy this week. 
Except I haven’t. Let me explain.
 Addie and I have been social butterflies, we’ve been feeding a friend’s lovely cats, we’ve had swimming lessons and I’ve been sewing bunting like there’s no tomorrow. However our apartment currently resembles a meth lab. (Easy now. Before you call DOCS on me, I’m using that as a figure of speech people.) Basically there is crap everywhere. Smushy has almost mastered crawling and as a result is into all and sundry.She especially likes the magazine holder and yesterday pulled every mag out and then tore them up into pieces. Our bedroom has become the sewing room complete with fabrics hanging over every surface as well as some kind of blinking laundry purgatory for clean laundry. It gets washed, it gets dried but mysteriously it doesn’t get folded… 
And, I’m not sure if it’s just my Spouse, but every time he comes home, any order I’ve managed to maintain that day goes to hell. Bah. We need more space I think. The wardrobes are exploding with stuff and I am truly frightened to open one of the doors on Smushy’s wardrobe for fear of being decapitated by the various grown out of baby items and storage boxes precariously piled up in there.
I actually love cleaning and being organised. It’s something I pride myself on, but I’ve kinda been a bit slack and I need to stop and get a handle on it. It’s just hard when you have velcro baby who wants to accompany you everywhere, or she’s asleep and you don’t want to get the vacuum out at that point. (Noise travels in an apartment, plus naptime is perfect for all the other things that need doing that aren’t cleaning. Like drinking coffee and watching Teen Mom.)
I think if I made a list that’d help.
Of course I’d need to action the items on it.
I’m going to start the list with never say action the items again.

4 thoughts on “Meth Labs and Magazines {Yikes}

    1. Mez B

      I need to do it. I just wrote a list for this weekend. Spouse has to take smush out for a few hours I think so I can just focus on the clean. Ugh.


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