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So, I’m embarking on an 8 week ‘experiment’ to try and clear sugar from my system. I’m going to be attempting the I Quit Sugar program, written by Sarah Wilson. After a lot of research and discussion with my GP I believe the health ‘issues’ I’m currently experiencing may be a direct result of my massive over consumption of the white stuff. I feel exhausted even if I’ve had a decent sleep (decent meaning 4-5 hours), I have dreadful headaches from wake up until I start the daily consuming of sugary foods, my eczema is flaring up, I get awful stomach cramps and I just feel generally unwell and cranky. I can contribute some of this to sleep deprivation but not all. I’m basically feeling weighed down by my eating habits. I don’t know when to stop when it comes to the sugary foods. I could easily eat an entire block of chocolate or 14 donuts in a row. It’s like my brain has re-wired itself to not understand when my stomach is full. I’e had other sugar ‘addicts’ say the same.
My consumption of sugar has always been high, love the sweet stuff. But since having Addie, it’s increased exponentially, mostly due to exhaustion I think. I start in on the sugary foods around 3pm and continue till bedtime. Then, when I should be exhausted I am on a complete buzzed up high, feeling like I could run a marathon. I’ve been blaming caffeine and over thinking for my insomnia, when maybe I should have been pointing the finger elsewhere. 
I’m not really one for radical diets that eliminate foods but I love the simplicity of the plan I’ve found and I believe it can only benefit me. And to be honest, if after 8 weeks I’m not sold, fine, only 8 weeks. I think this current clean eating movement is good. There’s way too much processed crap available and it’s just so easy to over consume. I’ve been hearing a lot about how we should be eating full fat dairy which is kinda how I stumbled onto the I Quit Sugar program. Basically, many health experts believe that ‘low fat’ foods are making us fatter due to the processed component of these foods and the fact the fat is replaced with sugar  Studies are showing full fat milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese, when consumed in moderation does far less damage than the sugar loaded ‘lite’ versions. Fat fills you up. Sugar doesn’t. It makes sense to me as I’m constantly hungry despite eating a crap load of, well crap.  
I like that the program doesn’t mean going cold turkey, and that afterwards you can have fruit and other ‘table’ sugars in moderation. It’s easy to follow and I hope it’s a positive experience. (I must admit I’m having visions of myself going mad at 3pm when the slump hits and eating all the sugar in the sugar bowl. Stranger things have happened, ahem.) I’m going to be blogging about my experience and I’m excited to share my progress with y’all. 
You know,I just want to be around for Smushy for as long as possible and present a positive role model for her. 
Wish me luck!
PS Cupcake Challenge is still on, of course! I have an amaze balls idea for this month’s theme {Classic Desserts}. My taste tester will be doing all the tasting though.

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