Tears and Cravings in Lane Cove {IQS Update}

I feel pretty awful. That’s my update.
I mean, I knew I was a fan of the sugar and that there would be side effects in giving the stuff up but I guess I didn’t realise just how badly I’m addicted to it. All my scoffing and huffing at the thought of ditching it because it wouldn’t do anything has come back to bite me. Last night was dreadful. I got very, very emotional and honestly felt depressed. In fact I actually cried at a news story and started really dwelling on some things that are upsetting me. I had heart palpitations, the shakes and my asthma started flaring up. Not to mention the headache from hell. At 9pm I could barely keep my eyes open so I went to bed and fell asleep!! This is a massive feat for me. Overnight I woke up with the sweats but I managed a decent sleep after feeding the Smush.
My mood has gotten better today but physically I still feel awful. And tired, very tired despite a half decent sleep. I just feel a bit flattened, not my usual upbeat self. We had our weekly swimming lessons today which helped clear my head. (Addison is a complete water baby who the teacher says is a delight. Proud Mama moment!) I’m taking it a bit easy this afternoon. No running around, just hanging with the Smushy.
Am I craving anything? Yes. I am desperate for a Diet Coke and ice cream. I passed by a few shops after swimming and I was tempted to buy a DC but I managed to focus and keep walking. I’m also keen for some ice cream but I know if I do cave, I’ll probably just feel crappy and end up undoing the good work I’ve done so far. Sarah Wilson’s suggestion of eating good fats and proteins in moments of weakness is helping. I grilled some haloumi yesterday and it kept me on track till dinner. I’m also feeling a lot fuller by going for things that aren’t sugary processed crap. I had a full cream milk smoothie this morning and I wasn’t hungry again till lunch. This is very new for me, I’m usually eating constantly!
I do know some people would laugh at the suggestion to eat full fat dairy, especially butter, but the school of thinking that despite all this low fat eating, we’re getting fatter makes sense to me. I guess it’s hard to ignore the low fat message that’s been rammed down our throats for so long now. And can I tell you, as a fatty, I eat low fat everything. Granted, I eat crap too. But on the occasions I’ve just stuck to LF foods, nothing has happened. So for me, I don’t see them as a successful replacement to the real stuff anyway.
I hope by the weekend I feeling brighter and lighter, got to celebrate Spouse’s birthday! Finally he’s caught up to me, so I don’t have to hear the Cougar comments again. Well for 7 months at least.

11 thoughts on “Tears and Cravings in Lane Cove {IQS Update}

  1. SarahMac

    You are inspiring me Mez! I Totally agree about the low fat bull crap. I am really tempted to try the no sugar thing. I know I said that before but I really really think I’m going to do it. The world has gone mad when we replace fat and salt with freaking sugar everywhere. Keep going!!!

    1. SarahMac

      I’m trying it! I don’t think I am going to do the total sugar free thing, I never drink juice or soft drink anyway or have sugar in tea or coffee, but my vice is chocolate and ice cream, and sometimes those jelly lollies like jelly babies but particularly if I bake something. I often eat nearly all of it myself. I am going hardcore sugar free during the week and allwoing myself a home made treat or ice cream on the weekend. If I feel like it. Let’s see how we go xxx

  2. Michael

    keep it up. I did no sugar for 12 months a year ago. I lost about 12kgs and felt alot better. I ate less, the cravings completely went away. I used Sarah Wilson and the sweet poison book which were good. Don’t give in.

  3. Kyla @ Three Quarters Full

    The first few weeks of sugar-free are yuck, it’s the memory of those first weeks that’s stopping me from starting again – I will though, you do feel so much better away from all the sugar & chemical crap. My sister’s a nutritionist & dietician and she is always telling me to skip anything with “diet” in it because the chemical cocktail is worse for you than having the full fat version – everything in moderation and all that.

  4. Emilie

    I know how you feel and my trick is Atkins chocolate bars …taste like real chocolate but is a protein bar and you have wannabee Bounty, choc-mint, etc. I eat them when I really crave my sugar! Good luck!

  5. havealaughonme

    Good on you Mez, it’s so hard not to weaken. I really want to try cut out sugar, it sounds silly but I really love it in coffee – but I suppose that defeats the purpose 🙂

  6. Grace

    Well done on holding back on the Diet Coke! And awesome work for grilling up some haloumi!
    Giving up sugar is hard but like you said, you’ll feel so much better for it!


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