Inside {I am a Marshmallow}

 The world is shithouse. People are shithouse.
That was my train of thought all day yesterday. The Boston Marathon bombing really affected me.  I love that city. In 2009 we visited there with my dear friend Kelly and I have to say I think I preferred Boston over NYC. Which is saying a lot, because I love, love, love NYC. But Boston is quieter; it is quaint and green. Boston is historic and pretty, and the people are lovely.
I felt really safe there.
As I’m sure the people running the Marathon did. As they should.
What has happened to our world when you can’t even participate in a sporting event without the worry of some lunatic blowing you up?
Every day there are terrible things happening in our world. I find it really easy to be consumed by this. Because despite a tough exterior I am not tough. Inside I am a marshmallow (a pink one) and I worry about people. I am not hard hitting, I do not believe in forgetting about the struggles of others, I care about people and the world. But very few people know that about me because I like to pretend to be tough. I don’t know why I do that.  I am loud and opinionated but I inside I am quiet.
I don’t want anyone to suffer, to hurt, to be lonely or sad, to be taken away from those they love.
I’m trying to remember that for every bad person there are many, many more good people. People who ran to help when they had no idea if more bombs would go off. People who volunteer to help kids read. People who work for charities or donate money. People who hug each other.
Maybe if we just all did one kind thing a day this world would be better. I want to leave Addison a world that is kind and full of light.
Hug your friends. Pat a cat. Don’t honk your horn at the crazy driver, breathe and laugh it off. Hold the door open for someone. Smile. Say hey. Don’t huff and puff at loud kids. Buy bubbles and blow them. Run like Phoebe from Friends. Tip a busker. Tell your family you love them. Forgive people for their silly and human behaviour.
Let people be who they are. And let those who can’t do this for you, go.
Just do something.

3 thoughts on “Inside {I am a Marshmallow}

  1. SlapdashMama

    It is hard not to be consumed by the awful things in the world. I actually don’t feel any differently about the Boston marathon thing than I do any awful thing I read in the paper, every day I read something that could bring me to tears. I have made a really active decision not to dwell on the horror in the world because it is easy to do and I am often sitting in my office at work weeping because of something I read. It has to stop, it doesn’t help anyone that I am weeping in the office. For a long time I have felt unable to enjoy my life because I felt the world was so awful, but I am DETERMINED not to feel this way. I truly believe it doesn’t help anyone at all. There is good and bad in the world and we will probably experience both at some stage. Does that make sense? *gives you a virtual hug*

  2. Kelly

    Merrill, I loved loved loved our trip to Boston and was absolutely heartbroken after this horrible event. I also wanted to focus on the good people who helped after the tragedy, which is tough, especially when the news is saturated with the bad stuff. I like to think that people spreading kindness in their own little ways makes a difference in this crazy world, so I’m all for that! And definitely running like Phoebe! 🙂 miss you love you xx


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