Samantha Brick STFU {And GOMI}

“I have only ever dated men who kept a strict eye on my figure. My partners are not only boyfriends but weight-loss coaches.”

Excuse me, whilst I go bash my head against the wall. 
Right, done. 

Whilst perusing the Internets during nap time I saw that Samantha Brick, (you know the lady who thinks she’s heaps attractive but actually isn’t) is once again dispensing wisdom to the women of the world.  
This time she’s telling us that if we have any self respect we would be on a constant diet in order to attain and then retain a man. And a job apparently.

I’m finding it hard to write this post because I have to keep stopping and shaking my head. I have a headache. From the shaking. 

Look, there is taking pride in your appearance and striving to look good and be well and fit and healthy. Why however, should women do this only to please a man, and/or an employer? (Also quite possibly, a man.) And what man, threatens to divorce his wife if she puts on weight? (Brick has stated this publicly, more than once regarding her husband.) I’ve seen the husband, he ain’t no Channing Tatum y’all. He is quite overweight and hairy. Which apparently is fine, but God forbid the wife goes the same way. 

There is no doubt that many sections of society see fat as a a failure. And by fat I mean, you know, anything over a size 0. So yes, as a result we women love to apologise for what we’re eating and swear that the diet will start tomorrow. However we all know diets don’t work because after a week of deprivation you come home one night and ransack the kitchen looking for anything and everything to eat. Imagine that kind of deprivation, every day for the rest of your fricking life. That’s Brick’s life apparently. Well, that and serving her bear husband a three course meal, three times a day. Last night Spouse came home and asked what was for dinner. I handed him a can of spaghetti o’s and pointed to the microwave. (We’ve had a rough few nights with the teething, OK?)

Maybe I’m some kind of crazy person but if Spouse ever told me he would leave me over my weight, I would hand him a suitcase and very politely push him out the door and down the stairs. But I know he would never do that. He likes me a lot apparently, even with a fat bum.  

You love someone, you marry someone for the inside. Outside is lovely too, and there’s no doubt attraction is important, but shit happens kids. Pregnancy happens, life happens and you age and you change. Real relationships last through this kind of stuff because the people involved love a person and their soul, not their clothing size. 

I want to make it very clear that I have nothing against anyone looking their best and taking the steps to do this. I am making this a goal for me currently, for me. Not for Spouse but for me. The motivation is internal and that’s what drives me. External motivation falls away. Which is why someone else wanting you to change won’t help and nor should it.

What’s really sad is that the media is giving airtime to this nitwit. In a world of skewed body image we need less Samantha Brick blathering on about pleasing men and dieting. Shield your kids from this kind of shit, it’s dangerous and stupid. And instead of promising to start a diet tomorrow, eat the piece of cake and then go for a walk. It’s just food y’all and it ain’t the enemy, biartches like Brick are. We are so perplexed by something that is there to fuel us and yes, enjoy. 

You’ve got to wonder though….in the middle of the night, is she hiding in the pantry scoffing a hidden stash of Kit Kats, reading 50 Shades of Gray and imagining Ryan Gosling coming and rescuing her from her life of deprivation?

I always blog on Tuesdays…

14 thoughts on “Samantha Brick STFU {And GOMI}

  1. Kylie Purtell

    Love it Mez, you are absolutely spot on. I just feel sorry for the woman, it must be a horrible way to live indeed. I’d hate to be hungry all the time and be married to someone so shallow!

  2. mumabulous

    Is Samantha Brick still here? Geezuz – haven’t the media milked all they can out of that one? Meanwhile my husband (aka Dadabulous) goes around saying radical things like “I will not leave you if you put on weight”. What a freak eh?
    PS: Have you ever seen that movie The Truth About Cats And Dogs (it was the 1990s – perhaps you are a bit young). Anyway there’s a scene where Ben Chaplin seduces Uma Thurman with a Twinkie. Far more satisfying than reading 50 Shades of whatever.

  3. Psych Babbler

    Ah words of wisdom from Samantha Brick. Not. I pity people who think like her. I loved your post — if I want to look and feel good, I’ll do it for myself. Not for anyone else. And yes, if I have a partner who is willing to leave me because I put on weight, well, good riddance is all I can say!

  4. Aroha @ Colours of Sunset

    Another blog discussed that lately and I skimmed it, but couldn’t bring myself to actually give the women more than 5 minutes of my time. I kept looking for the punchline! I’d never heard of her, and won’t be sad if I never do again! What a disgrace! You’re so right, food is not the enemy, and there are ways to counteract what you’ve eaten. Just be smart about balancing it all out! -Aroha (#teamIBOT)

  5. Martsw

    Couldn’t believe it when I read her most recent ‘article’. I’m waiting for her to release a documentary and be exposed as a fake… Borat style. I’m worried I’m giving her too much credit though!

  6. NessofBoganville

    Oh good god this woman is apalling. Her utter stupidity reminds me of when I read a book written by actress Brit Eckland, another spectacular air-head, about so called ‘sensual’ beauty. Among her pearls of wisdom were the advice that women should only eat sensual foods. Apparently crunching into an apple isn’t sensual but on the other hand ’round, fuzzy kiwi fruits which are reminiscent of a certain part of the male anatomy are. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. She also believed that nobody needs 3 meals a day because we can survive on one or two. I wasn’t surprised to learn that brainy old Brit apparently suffers from osteoporosis these days. Stupid old Brick may well be headed for the same fate. Either way, I wish she would just SHUT UP.

    Great post. x

  7. Lila Wolff

    You’re absolutely right and the worst thing is diets don’t work, deprivation just isn’t sustainable. I’m sure media love to spotlight idiots like her to keep women in general looking vapid.
    It sounds like she already has her 50 shades man controlling and cruel.

  8. havealaughonme

    After 3 kids in 3.5 years I gotta say I’m totally grateful that I have a hubby who isn’t hung up on looks, in fact he barely knows if he needs a haircut unless his head feels hot – true story! Great post Mez. Em x

  9. Miss Cinders

    I have absolutely no bloody idea who this Samatha chick is, obvioulsy NOT worth my blog reading time!

    But she sounds like a real tripper! Maybe she needs to move to Stepford?

    MC x


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