The Mama Files {Be my Guest!}

I want you.
Well, to guest post anyway. 
Would the real mamas please stand up? After one too many encounters with holier than thou, insanely competitive and sometimes downright nasty women I’ve had enough. Why do we do this to each other? There is no shame in being real and sometimes, finding someone else to identify with, is all it takes to make you feel a little bit stronger, a little bit more confident and a whole lot happier. For me, hearing other Mum’s stories of survival, of success and sometimes failure is what’s helping me maneuver the tricky path of motherhood. Let’s face it, the experts and their books did little to help. Spouse came home many an evening to find volumes of parenting books strewn around the place whilst I endeavored to figure out why Smushy wasn’t sticking to the ‘timetable’. Eventually,  finding someone who was experiencing the same thing was the breath of fresh (and welcome) air I needed! 
Are you a Mama? Do you blog? Do you have a story to share? 
I’m looking for Mums to share stories, tips, experiences etc from their vault of motherhood. Any part of your journey that you want to get out there, I guarantee someone needs to hear it.  
Your life, your body, your relationships, your career, your health- how it changed and how you coped. Your worries, fears, failures and successes. Life with 1, 2, 3 or more. 
SAHM’s, WAHM’s and WM’s.
Or just the everyday madness of motherhood.
If you’re interested please get in touch. Email me{at}
message me via my FB page.
I can’t wait to share your story.
And I’m really hoping someone out there wears gym pants as much as I do, without ever actually going to the gym.

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