Wardrobe Malfunctions {Shame}

I had a seriously embarrassing incident occur on the weekend. 

Let me ask you this. Do you have, like home clothes? You know, stuff you chuck on when you’re settled in at home, not going out etc? I have a tendency to chuck on my pajama pants once I know we’ve done everything for the day. It’s just easy and comfy.
I leave the ball gowns for trips to the shops. Pfft.
On Saturday I spent the day in bed and on the couch as I felt like royal hell, so I was in my pj’s all day. Saturday evening I started to feel more human so I got up to do some stuff and had the bright idea to take the rubbish out. We have a bin in the stairwell, literally just steps from our door. So no worries when you’re in jammies and no bra, right? A few steps out and then straight back in. Anyway, I didn’t realise my neighbour was in the hallway doing her laundry. I said hello and made a quip about our exciting Saturday nights (ha, ha, I’m so droll) and at that same moment, I lent down to chuck the rubbish out and my boob fell out of my top.
I was speechless and managed to dump rubbish and put boob away simultaneously. My neighbour, bless her, just started laughing. All we could do really. I guess our Saturday nights just got a bit less dull.
Perhaps it’s time to rethink my home clothes.
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8 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunctions {Shame}

  1. Kylie Purtell

    Oh man, that sux! I definitely have home clothes and they are not classy, to say the least! We live on a main road where plenty of people we know drive by everyday and I am always having to get out of my home clothes just to take the bin out or check the mail!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  2. Mrs BC

    Oh too funny! I tend to wear leggings, and shamefully even wear them out of the house some days. I do have at home tops (paint crusted t shirts), and leaving the house tops (smartish kaftans), though, to smarten up the leggings. I hardly even go to bed without a bra though 🙂

  3. myshelomitashop

    Lol!! I also have home clothes and sometimes my husband makes me go with him at night to get some cool drinks or snack from a shop nearby, I won’t change but I always refuse to get out of the car hehe…

  4. Nikki @ WonderfullyWomen

    Home clothes are a comfort necessity, but as I don’t wear pj’s, that won’t cut it. I do have trackies and gym pants and a collection of not so attractive t’s that are my ‘not going anywere now’ loves. Bra stays on until sleep time, and your story has just given me another reason to never change that habit. Glad you got a giggle. xxx

  5. havealaughonme

    Hee hee Mez, I totally have home clothes, I even change once home from supermarket or school pick up – back into VERY sloppy joes and comfy ones. Haven’t had a wandering boob yet though 🙂 x


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