Where to from here? {Monday Musings}

So my IQS journey is drawing to a close and whilst I’ve definitely taken a lot from it, as has my health, I won’t be taking the no sugar for life vow. 
The positives:
*My itchy skin improved markedly.
*My mood after 2pm stabilised.
*Eating full fat dairy has made everything work better and taken away cravings for sugary stuff.
*I lost a few kilos, about 15 CM from my thighs and belly and a whole lot of bloat.
*I discovered some great recipes and alternatives to high sugar crap.
The drawbacks:
*I can’t live without fruit. Sorry Sarah Wilson, but I believe there are far too many health benefits to eliminate it. Plus it’s an easy snack that sure beats a Mars Bar!
*Full elimination is too extreme and complicated for me. Especially when you’re trying to look after a child, spouse, house, business and yourself. I don’t have time to seek out tricky ingredients and prepare everything from my own tomato sauce to bread everyday. 
*A lot of the sugar alternatives and ingredients required are really expensive. Which is a downright shame.  
So where to from here?
I have a big health goal for this year. I’m going to do the freaking City to Surf. Yep, me. Don’t get too excited, I’ll be walking. Spouse has told me he’ll walk beside me, which is surprising because he normally runs it but I definitely appreciate the support. 
Frankly I’m in no shape to attempt it right now. I need to improve my fitness markedly and probably drop 10kgs off my frame just to ensure I can actually remain breathing the whole way. So, inspired by my good friend Loz I’ve rejoined my old friend Weight Watchers. It is really the only program that’s ever worked for me. I have 46 points a day and yesterday I barely got through 30! I’m doing it online and love the mobile tracking app…easy peasy. I’m also finding the food choices I’m making are good because the IQS journey really helped me identify the foods I shouldn’t be eating. 
Onward and upwards.
I am considering doing some fundraising alongside my walk. I’m going to have a think about it further as the mere fact I’m doing the C2S is so unbelievable, I may as well help a charity out! 
Happy Monday Sookies!
How was your weekend?

7 thoughts on “Where to from here? {Monday Musings}

  1. Kylie Purtell

    Nice work Mez! I couldn’t ever fully give up sugar, but after having to seriously restrict when I had gestational diabetes with Punky, I can definitely see the benefits if reducing intake.

    Good luck with the C2S, I’m sure you’ll do great!

  2. Kelly

    Can’t wait to hear about C2S! That sounds like an awesome time. I’m also a fan of not eliminating fruit from my diet, it’s a much easier snack for me to grab. Good luck with WW! Will the full fat dairy impact your point totals much?

    1. Mez B

      It’s very weird Kel, because the full fat/ whole dairy is only 1 point higher! I thought it would be a lot more but suprisingly no. Having 46 points is awesome too, have to keep breastfeeding until I reach my goal!!


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