Wordless Wednesday {Unplanned Moments}

I have set myself a goal of getting our wedding album done by our 5th wedding anniversary in May. I can’t believe it’s not done yet, oops! It just always gets put behind all the other million things on my to do list when really it should be number one! 
I’ve started going through the million photos but I keep stopping to ooh and ahh and remember. I loved our photographer. I didn’t want a lot of ‘posed’ photos that captured ‘set up’ moments and he delivered well on the spontaneous shots that I love. 
This is one of my favourites. I remember Spouse turned his head to kiss me just as the photo was taken. We had just been married and walked out of the church and stood there giggling because no one else was out there and we had no idea what to do. In my uber planned wedding we had found one unplanned moment.
 I love this moment in time. 

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday {Unplanned Moments}

  1. Mystery Case

    Love your blog! Happy WW, please feel free to pop over and link up at Ms Mystery Case. I’m no following you from my personal page on facebook and via google connect.

  2. Janet Camilleri

    Yep, I love that pic too. Funnily enough one of OUR fave wedding photos was of an unplanned moment too – hubster scooped me up in his arms, wedding dress and all. Love the look of pure love on his face as he gazes at me!


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