Friday {Just another day of the week…}

Ahhhh Friday. I love Fridays. The weekend and all that. 2 days of freedom, partying…HOLD UP. Nay. Fridays when you are a parent are very similar to every other day. Well, a parent of a young child anyway. I’m fairly sure parents of teenagers hate the weekends, cause they’re ferrying the little blighters from sports to shopping centres and then onto questionable parties full of badly dressed teens sculling straight vodka behind a tree. That or they’re reluctantly handing car keys over. But babies seem to have missed the weekend sleep in memo. Funny that.
I guess Fridays still kinda feel the same. I know I’m going to get two days with Spouse and we can traipse around having fun whilst Addison misses her daytime naps, turning her into a nutso baby. Plus there’s take away, which means no cooking or dishes, which we know to be a good thing, right? But there isn’t that same anticipation of when you’re at work counting down the hours till you can start sculling bottles of wine. You know there’s at least 2 days worth of sleep ins and at some point you can probably have a nap. Ahhh, if I had of known then, what I know now, I would have shown a faint level of appreciation towards the weekends. I know at some point Smushy will get older and need less of Mama and I’ll regain my weekends to a point. But I also know that when that time comes I’ll mourn the needy baby. It’s funny how things work like that, isn’t it?
I’m trying to live in the moment more. Be mindful. Smell the roses. Look around and all that. Trying to find something good in every day is easy but sometimes stopping to enjoy the good is hard. It’s all rush, rush, go, go. Or…it’s Groundhog Day. It’s very easy as a mother to get caught up in your world and just muddle along. 
But Life, after all, goes on. Whether you have a child or not. It’s still important to embrace and enjoy what’s going on around you and take stock of where you are going. Which leads me to the question, where am I going? 

One thought on “Friday {Just another day of the week…}

  1. Mother Down Under

    I get that feeling on the days I work too. The girls without kids are eager to go home at the end of the day as they get to put their feet up, leisurely make dinner or get take away and watch tv…once I get home it is dinner, bath and bed and about the busiest part of my day. Some days I honestly think I would rather stay at work!


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