Taxi Driver meets Pretty Woman {Fashion Fails in The Lounge}

So it’s Thursday and I’m hanging out at the Lounge discussing Fashion Fails. 
Good Lord, where to start? 
Let’s just say, I’ve had my fair share. Except, at the time, when wearing said fail, I thought it was a fecking fashion PASS! An A + in the style stakes! I don’t really subscribe to the whole dressing to please the fashion set movement, I never did. I prefer comfort over style. And apparently as a teenager, comfort meant, short, tight and revealing. Supre and Ice were my staples. I don’t have a lot of photos but it doesn’t take much to imagine. I basically was channelling child prostitute, kinda Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver meets Pretty Woman.
Wa ha! Check out that bra. I think the bottom of the outfit was a very short, tight denim skirt. (I thought I was heinously overweight here….)
Wow, Spouse looks scary. And what is with my hair? I have about 2 inches of roots. 
Speaking of hair, look at this one. Sometime during Year 6 I decided that a wide black headband was cool. We had worn one in dance group, so I took the costume off the stage and to the people. 
I tried grunge for a bit and even drew all over my black Chuck Taylor’s in anticipation of The Smashing Pumpkins concert. (Which might I add, I went to, tried moshing and ended up with a strained neck and torn calf muscle.) I bought a Sesame Street mini skirt from Glebe Markets (I was being ironic, OK  Like, I’m totes grown up but wearing childlike clothing) and paired it with my Chucks and a black bonds tee. My Mum wouldn’t let me buy Doc Martins so I had to make do with the Chucks. I’m still bitter. I sadly have no photos of this phase. 
After that I went kind of homie and attempted tight jeans, sneakers and large sporting brand jumpers. It was all in quick succession and some days I would forget which phase I was in and walk out in my Chucks and a Timberland jumper. Yikes. 
Once High School was over, I discovered the need to be comfortable and trends were moved aside. And since I gained and lost 20kgs, like 10 times, I have an eclectic wardrobe of sizes and styles ranging from a 10-18. These days I’m obsessed with maxi dresses and gym pants. Not at the same time though. Cause that would be weird. 
Unlike all my previous fashion forays.
What was your biggest fashion fail?

7 thoughts on “Taxi Driver meets Pretty Woman {Fashion Fails in The Lounge}

  1. SlapdashMama

    I don’t know, I think that maxi dress paired with gym pants could be very fashion forward! I really do!
    Oh I wish you had a pic of the sesame st skirt…I too enjoyed being ironic and also retro and sported a multitude of cray things I got at markets. Oh the memories!
    Thank you for linking up again Mez…xxxxx

  2. robomum

    Great memories! I can’t believe you were injured at the SP concert!! I have a friend who was trampled at a Cold Chisel concert ;o) It wasn’t funny at the time! I wanted so badly to go to the Pumpkins concert but my parents said a flat out no. Maxi dresses are great these days but undoubtedly w’ll look back in 15 years and laugh!.

  3. Tegan Churchill

    I lived in supre outfits when I was a teen too. I loved their slogan shirts. I had one that said ‘No I don’t like you, No I don’t like your friend, No I don’t like your other friend, No I am not a lesbian’ I loved it sick!

  4. theviblog

    Yes I had an unfortunate too short/too tight phase – I wish someone had givenme a good shake! I fell in love with empire line tops and dresses while pregnant and find they are still a great stand by for any fat day/weeks/lives I may be having.

    Thanks for linking up Mez – I’m loving your humour! Rach the Lounge Lizard x

  5. Kelly

    Oh, man – when I was younger most (at least 75%) of my clothes came from the boys section and I pretty much refused to wear shorts that were above my knees until I was in high school. Now I’m all about skirts, dress, flattering tops – showing off the curves! But way back when it was all about baggy jeans and hoodies.

  6. Iliska Dreams

    I was hairdressing in the 80s, that statement should explain it all, but just to expand on the idea for you. We had to wear white to work, so my favourite outfit of choose was a wedding dress, doc martians, top hat and big hair. I mean really really big hair. You may have taken dance costumes off the stage, but I thought I could rock the wedding dress out of the church.


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