The Lounge {I really thought I would be better at this by now…}

So I’m hanging out in The Lounge today and discussing what I should be better at by now.
The list is extensive. I suppose I should focus on one topic but just quickly, here’s a list of some of the things I need to work on…
*Making the bed.
*Going to bed when tired rather than staying up to watch Rob Dyrdek’s Ridiculousness marathons.
*Not getting obsessed with things.
*Being a fan girl.
*Not getting into CAPS LOCK fights on the Interwebs.
*Taking my make up off.
*Following through with things I start
*Focusing on one thing at a time.
Often Spouse tells me, You’re 32 Merrill. Thirtttty Twwwooo. (He even uses my full name to emphasise discontent with actions surrounding events such as buying Twilight barbies or being unable to reverse park without taking the car park pole with me.) Cue subdued nodding and utterings of Yes, yes, I know, whilst sneakily making Edward and Bella Barbie kiss. I also really thought I’d be better at eating vegetables by now. But no, I still gag when boiled veggies are served up with aplomb at grown up parties.
Which leads me to realise that the main overriding theme here is this…
I thought I would be better at being a grown up by now. The biggest giveaway of this fact is that I still frequently use the term “When I grow up.” I mean I’m responsible and shit. I am after all, a Mother and a Teacher. I pay bills on time and cross at the zebra crossing. But I’m repulsed by mortgages, am still convinced I can wear Supre clothing and would rather watch The Simpsons than Selling Houses Australia. I’m not quite sure I’m done with world exploration and I would die without my Mum to lean on. I cry at needles and feel the constant need to rebel against authority. I would rather ride hair raising roller-coasters than go antiquing and I truly believe Maccas is the tastiest food ever.

I might be a bit of a child still.
But does it really matter? I’m not hurting anyone and when it matters, such as in the classroom or parenting I step up. I’m quite happy with my self and I suppose I’ll be old one day and might accept I can no longer rage against the machine anymore. 
In the meantime switch on MTV, it’s Laguna Beach catch up time.

11 thoughts on “The Lounge {I really thought I would be better at this by now…}

  1. Kim Frost

    LOL you’re hilarious you child-woman you! But wait… You cross at the zebra crossing? You are SUCH a grown up. Dude, NEVER EVER give up Supre or rollercoasters. I plan to still be combining the two when I’m 63. I’m going to need all that lycra to hold the bits together. [xx Kim, Lounge Lizard the III]

  2. NessofBoganville

    I’m crap at reverse parking, scared of needles and still a big Mummy’s Girl at 42, so you’re not alone. I also know at least one grown women who collects Barbies,so you’re not alone there either!

  3. SlapdashMama

    You mean there’s something wrong with squeezing into Supre with all the teeny boppers??? Baby, if that’s wrong then I don’t want to be right! Mez this is truly hilarious, I am laughing out loud!!!

  4. theviblog

    Loved this!!! I’m also a rage against the machine type of girl so I think we’ll get along nicely ;)I also have a little problem with poles and carparks and have recently been in the poo with MY spouse for carpark crimes but let us speak no more of it…

  5. Lara at This Charming Mum

    Does anyone ever really feel like a grown up? I honestly think my emotional development stopped around 14. I continue to have crushes on members of boy bands, even while I negotiate home ownership and meal planning (and other such grown up matters…) Maintain the rage!

  6. Mrs H

    Dude, grown ups are boring and growing up is the step before death….. stay as girl child.
    I like Barbie and Action Man myself, but whatever floats your immature boat.

  7. Sarah

    A little bit (ok, a LOT) further down the line than you and I still haven’t grasped the art of grownupmanship – I’m facing the fact that it just never going to happen …

  8. Jenster

    I love Laguna Beach. In fact I loved the first series so much I brought The Hills. The real question is, do you ever really have to grow up? No….everyone should still watch The Simpsons. Oh….and my Crystal Barbie is still alive and well. Completely intact!!


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