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Today, the gorgeous Lila, from Little Wolff is guest posting for the Mama Files. Lila has had the unique experience of parenting as a teen mum, a 20s mum and a 30s mum. Today she’s bringing her perspective of parenting at different ages and life stages in this fabulous post. Thank You Lila xxx 

Fairly often I notice that parenting or pregnancy magazines run articles on ‘the best age for motherhood’. They usually cover your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s; not your teens because (I assume) they don’t want to be seen to be encouraging teen pregnancy. I’ve somehow managed to have a baby in each decade of my life; I will not be trying it out in my 40’s in case you wanted to know. So while I’m no expert, I thought I might go through my experience of mothering at different ages and life stages.

Paige, my babe with the pixie ears came along when I was 17. Pregnancy with her was quite easy physically and I attended high school until she was born. While I suffered with nausea I didn’t try the various remedies that I used recently with Eve’s pregnancy because I wasn’t well informed, not because I didn’t care. A combination of a very old school OB, the lack of the fabulous resource that is the internet and minimal support around me meant that for better or worse I went with the flow. The relatively uneventful pregnancy ended with an “emergency” caesarean for breech positioning. I was put under, kept in the dark as to what was going on and kept apart from my newborn for hours after the delivery. This lack of assistance continued throughout the newborn adjustment period and eventually manifested as a challenge to prove myself to those who questioned my ability to parent. Being a teen mum was the hardest parenting experience I have ever had, not because of my baby, but because of the judgement of others. I learnt pretty quickly to let that roll off me and enjoy my lovely little girl. That is the most important parenting lesson that I take from parenting in my teens, go with your gut. The instinct to do what’s right is always there, even when it means admitting you don’t know what you’re doing and getting help, listening to that voice inside is key.

Tarrant, my sweet, cuddly little man arrived six weeks before my 21st birthday; 3 and 1/2 years after Paige. In the years between the two, I worked two jobs, bought a home and got married, all in the name of proving myself (this drive was in some ways a blessing and others a curse). I also had a devastating twin ectopic pregnancy that was nearly missed causing me to haemorrhage and become critically ill. Thankfully surgery saved me even though they could not save the babies.  Tarrant was a surprise as I was advised after the surgery that the tube removal and other issues meant my ability to conceive was quite low. I spent much of Tarrant’s pregnancy arming myself with information and preparing. Preparing, to make sure that I wasn’t steamrolled in to another caesarean, misinformed into failing at breastfeeding and pushed in to parenting defensively. Parenting was easier in some ways; I knew the basics and was determined to have things my way. It was harder in others because I still only had two hands and now had a toddler in one and a baby in the other. The time seemed to pass more quickly with two little ones, working full time and trying to manage an unhealthy, unhappy marriage. But in that time my two lovely kids provided an abundance of joy and brought me my closest friend, whose babies were similar ages. Support of a good friend and other babies for mine to play with were a priceless asset. What I take most from parenting in my 20’s is that determination to do it your own way is only valuable if your way is really yours. Your 20’s are a fairly socially acceptable age to have babies so the pressure to perform that was there with my first did not exist. But at 20 I still didn’t know who I was; having two babies didn’t change that or leave a lot of time to actively pursue that self-understanding. Time spent knowing who you are is valuable to you, naturally, but it’s also a gift to your children. Thankfully as my babies grew so did I, enabling me to encourage them to be comfortable with themselves at a much earlier age than I had.

Parenting in my 30’s, not quite two years through parenting Eve, but also having the advantage of being 17 years in to parenting in total there’s so much I’ve learnt. It’s so much easier, so much more fun, so much harder physically and emotionally. It’s a time where there is so much more information available to us and yet so much more judgement poured on to us. The freedom of being older and hopefully wiser is also tied to the desire to provide an idyllic childhood for my last baby. It’s a very mixed situation not unlike any parenting experience. I’m very clear on one thing; I’m not a perfect parent, but I also know there’s no such thing just the best parent you can be for your child.

As for what to take as a lesson from parenting in my 30s, well I’ll get back to you in a few years…

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  1. SlapdashMama

    I love this post Lila! My nana had her first two children at 18 and 20, then her next at 30, and her last at 38! Such a different experience at different ages I am sure. My mum was the last baby and she was almost like an only child!
    Love this series – looking forward to the next one Mez.


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