Ranting is a team sport {The Lounge}

Ahhh, the rant. Such a good and topical topic for this week’s Lounge discussion, what with our insane Political climate currently. (Don’t get me started…) I love a good rant, it’s so cathartic. I like watching them too. Left wing ranters are the best, though you can’t go past a good old right wing conservative rant on Fox News. Who’s that mental guy that keeps ranting about Piers Morgan and the British Invasion? He’s insanely enjoyable.
Ranting is definitely a team sport, one I can actually compete in and win. (I don’t do team sports well. I tried hockey once and ended up hitting someone in the head with the stick thingy in a moment of blind rage. I also tried Netball, which was truly awful and possibly for private school girls only.)  The rant though, is not for everyone. Some people like a quiet life whereas others rant and come off as raving lunatics, especially when alcohol is involved. I do recall, a particularity mental rant of mine in Mexico, after a bottle of tequila was consumed in record time. Subject matter not suitable for recall. 
I realised early on in my career that teachers are especially epic ranters. A very good friend of mine from work can rant like a pro, her peppering of the f word is so well timed it hurts.I think it’s because we have to deal with certain absolutely delightful children and their also delightful parents. One must remain calm during these encounters despite wanting to unload true feelings and inform delightful parent that their equally delightful child is well, not quite. After keeping all the rage inside, a staff room rant regarding the idiot who keeps eating all the good biscuits is necessary to avoid your head exploding and/or your poor class copping it after lunch. Also, we have to constantly defend our hours, holidays and workload against dickheads who think they understand our job and all it entails because they went to school 40 years ago and are therefore experts. There’s only so many times you can have this conversation politely before it moves into being a rant just to get your bloody point across. Raw! I’m feeling all ranty now….
Facebook is the modern way to rant. Sharing is the newest way. You see an outrageous article and you share it, usually accompanied by an equally outraged comment and wait for the fellow outraged to roll in. You could also do a passive aggressive rant in a status or just plain aggressive if you’re feeling spicy. I posted a Mummy Wars rant status recently after being completely fed up with the bullshit of it all and dayum, it felt good. It was almost like telling the person to their face…almost. 
Still, there’s nothing like a good old fashioned verbal rant. I try to avoid public rants these days, what with the advent of the smart phone and possible uploading to YouTube. I possibly do not need forever evidence of me raving about the deplorable teenage cashiers at Target. (Bad customer service really gets my goat. Don’t work in retail if you don’t like people, you fecking morons.)
I keep my rants private nowadays…but they’re still epic. Just ask Spouse. 
What gets your going?

12 thoughts on “Ranting is a team sport {The Lounge}

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    The immediacy of the social media/internet is a dangerous issue with the rants. The other day I wrote a big one, and fortunately it was for I must confess, and I had 5 days before it was published. In that time I saw how totally embarrassing that would have been had it made the public eye…it’s something I’m trying to remember…

  2. katrinalovesjustin

    Mostly my (non-family)rants are kept to myself, but seriously the under my breath ranting is pretty good.
    Just the other day I read a blog about introducing your toddler to TV and the writer was concerned that Charlie & Lola was setting a bad grammar example. Seriously. They would be so appalled that my 4yo watches Wolf Blood with her older sisters. I had to sit on my hands so hard not to write a scathing response. Each to their own, deep breath, each to their own.
    Katyberry x

    1. Mez B

      Huh? I love C and L. The ‘grammatical’ errors, if we must call them that, are what endears children to the books and show so much. Cause they can relate. Honestly, I sometimes forget I’ve left MTV on and Addison is avidly watching Jersey Shore. Parenting Fail, pretty sure Snooki’s grammar ain’t rad. 😉 xxxx

  3. robomum

    As a teacher, there’s nothing like ranting to a captive audience – it is very cathartic, even if it’s about something as dumb as school uniform. Thanks for linking with us.

  4. havealaughonme

    HERE HERE Mez, bloody grumpy, snooty sales people that should be telemarketers so we don’t have to look at their bored, mean faces when we spend our money! I think teachers can rant away and totally deserve it!
    Thanks for the smile Mez, as always 🙂

  5. theviblog

    I also make sure I keep my ranting for home rather than the public sphere, which unfortunately means my boys are usually the only witnesses. I am terrified will have to bribe them with fast cars and pre-paid I-phones when they are teenagers to keep it under their hats! The worst part is that I can hear myself channelling my mother during these rants and I HATE it!

    Thanks for linking up Mez – I am loving your work more with every post x

  6. Sarah

    God, I’ve got SO many ranty posts in draft – to be honest, after leaving them for a few days I’m usually over it and when I re read them I mostly sound barking mad anyway – which I probably am … but not everyone needs to know that do they??

  7. NessofBoganville

    I’m not a ranter at all, I’m quiet and hate confrontations. I love reading a ranty post or column, though.

    Teaching would definitely be extremely rant inducing, I imagine.


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