Success! {Sleep School saved our sleep…}

I am bursting with energy! Well, not quite but I’m on my way. Sleep School was an amazing success for us. Thank God, might not have survived otherwise. We’re very lucky to have this resource available to us in Australia and I can’t thank the staff enough. The turnaround in Addison in a matter of days has been incredible. Spouse keeps commenting on how much happier she is in the mornings after a good night’s sleep. It was definitely different to what I expected. No forceful matrons demanding your baby scream themselves to sleep and telling you off for all you’ve done in the past. Instead, incredibly supportive and kind nurses who encourage you to settle your child as you wish. Loads of helpful and easy advice to follow. And a guideline of the day to go by. Smushy is no longer feeding all night and is now eating well! She’s on a 10pm dreamfeed as well as 3 day breastfeeds after meals. And yes, she’s sleeping through. Huzzah! It really only took a couple of nights for her to get it and only one period on the second night where I had to settle her. In fact the first night she slept through for the nurses! Typical. We got a sneaky meal in at Outback Steakhouse though! Yay for Bloomin’ Onions. (Thank God we went out that night as the food was dreadful. Only downside really. It came from the hospital and I had to resort to an 8.30pm munchy run to the local corner store. And it turned out, we weren’t in the greatest area after dark so from then on my daily munchy run became known as the ghetto run. Hey, when you need chocolate, you gotta do what you gotta do. Lucky I’m gangsta.)
Also I left my pillow there. So Spouse is sleeping on couch pillows. 
The massive, unexpected bonus was meeting other Mamas and forging firm friendships. It was soooo good to hear I wasn’t alone and that we were all just trying to survive by doing what we could. No judgements, just support. I miss having those Mamas around 24/7 and I know Addison is missing playtime with all her little friends every day! I love meeting new people and I’m so glad we’re keeping in touch. Good old Facey, huh? 
And for me? It’s given me my life back. Actually, it’s given me my lust for life back. Kinda cheesy I know but I feel really good. I feel like I have a future again. That I can do stuff for myself, that I can be active and interactive. I’m not so fragile from exhaustion anymore that one wrong look will shatter me. I am back to work 2 days a week in late July, so I’m very relieved I will have sufficient sleep for this too.
I am back baby! 
Of course I now have no excuses for not exercising or sticking to my WW points. The 3pm chocolate attack due to exhaustion is going to have to go I guess. Still, I would rather have sleep!!We have both agreed we are not deviating from her routine for any reason for at least a few months. The upside is I can plan my days better as I know what’s happening when. I’m interested to see how long it takes me to recover my sleep debt. Word on the street is at least a month. Isn’t it weird how after the first good night, you actually feel worse? 
I had no idea it was a long weekend till last night!? Yay, 3 days of Spouse! What are you up to? 

5 thoughts on “Success! {Sleep School saved our sleep…}

  1. School of Mum

    So glad to hear it was a success for you. Mine was a disaster. My baby just wasn’t ‘made’ to sleep. I had to learn that the hard way. It was awful watching the success of other babies and yours still waking every 2 hours despite 3 days of sleep school. I wrote about it on my blog and it was a very different post to yours!

    Enjoy your sleep xoxo

  2. Kylie Purtell

    So happy to hear its worked wonders for you Mez. People underestimate just how terrible chronic sleep deprivation is, I mean, its been used as a form of torture for heaven’s sake! I hope Addison continues to sleep well for you and it doesn’t take you long to wind down that sleep debt.


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