Too Many Screens Dude {The Lounge}

Christ on a cracker, yesterday, specifically last night was too bloody intense. So much so, that I had to go to the shops today, on the first day of the massive toy sales, to relax. (Which was actually not so relaxing, especially when a very tall woman carrying a giant Barbie knocked into my leg and then proceeded to apologise with tears, explaining she was very stressed about Christmas. Got some sweet bargains though, love Big Deezy!) Anyhoo, I’m exhausted. One would think it was me who had contested the leadership. 
I’m not going to get all #auspol like on you. It’s all a mess and I’m not surprised we have a new PM. I hope things can settle down now, mainly cause I’m over it. I’m over the media circus and constant coverage and people on FB who are now political pundits despite previously professing to know nothing about nothing. Regardless of how you feel about Julia, she brought in a host of reforms including the NDIS, Gonski and the NBN. She was gracious under pressure and we should be proud that we had a female PM.  
So apart from all that going on last night, there was great tension in our house over The State of Origin playing alongside Wimbledon and what channel was going to be viewed. Mainly because I wanted to watch Tennis and Spouse, football. So there was insane 3 way channel flicking happening plus phones and tablets out. There was too many screens dude. Too many screens. At the same time an incredibly loud alarm was going off at the retirement village next door, which then led to screaming sirens. And both the next door and downstairs neighbour’s kids were whooping and screaming and carrying on like very loud, very small maniacs. 
I’m actually starting to feel quite stressed typing this. 
Then of course, Addison woke up. She’d not settled well initially and woke screaming. After getting her back to bed I had a strong desire to go hide under the bed, especially since there was a large amount of swearing and expert coaching emanating from the couch. 
Instead I shut everything down, bar the TV and did the dishes. As in stacked them in the dishwasher. It was a moment of calm domesticity in otherwise utter chaos. Of course, there was still swearing going on, but it was significantly muted after it became apparent his team was dead and buried. Afterwards I realised we very much need to move to a freestanding house. Why? Because clearly we need a second television and also we are pretty much living in a box surrounded by maniacs. It’s kinda like a mental asylum but with none of the good drugs. Our days as apartment dwelling, city kids is fast coming to a close. The burbs await. 
Tonight, Spouse is out. I intend to not cook, rather I am going to enjoy an egg and bacon roll. My first meat meal this week. I am going to watch tennis and eat my egg and bacon roll in peace. Just the one screen, no swearing allowed.

10 thoughts on “Too Many Screens Dude {The Lounge}

  1. havealaughonme

    Isn’t it crazy how some shoppers get? We have too many screens here to, 3 actually, 4 – yes I said 4 TVs hooked up to set top boxes, USB thingees and Foxtell blah blahs! I actually have never had all of them on at once – might try that just for shits and giggles. Enjoy having the house to yourself, I’m jealous 🙂

  2. SlapdashMama

    I agree! It was such a STRESSFUL NIGHT! And I couldn’t care less about the sport, so can only imagine the DRAMA if I had to include that too. OMG.
    And yes, very well said about Julia. I agree wholeheartedly.

    1. Mez B

      It was far too stressful. I’ve had 6 panadols today due to stress related headache. It’s like I have a hangover…a stressover. xx

  3. Lara at This Charming Mum

    There was just as much yelling amongst our neighbours here in the ‘burbs. We always know when it’s origin night even though it is never showing at our house! I love your description of last night’s stresses. And good points about Julia too.

  4. robomum

    It was such a big night! We only have two TVs now but nothing drives me more insane than the cords around all the TVs these days. I don’t cope well with exposed cords – drives me bonkers.
    Hard to believe Kevin07 is back. I don’t really know what to think.

    1. Mez B

      I don’t deal with exposed cords well either! How do you hide them? Yeah, it’s a bit weird. I prefer him to budgie smuggler though. xx

  5. Kim Frost

    You’re so right about the screens. Two screens good – three screens? BAAAAD. I do it, then I know my head’s LITERALLY going to explode. Love it when people say ‘literally’ with everything. I want to watch and wait and see it happen. It was a good night to not be Julia. I hope she has a onesie and a LOT of icecream. Gin-flavoured icecream.


    You made me laugh out loud with your description of the tall woman who cried about being stressed about Christmas. I think you just bumped into my neighbour! I wait all year for Wimbledon. A glass of Cab Sauv and a little Nadal… I mean Federer… I mean Tomic??? Look, I LOVE Wimbledon. It’s about the tennis. That’s the main thing.


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