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Well, the festival of Addison being one is over and we’ve survived one year of parenthood, minimal sleep and her Peppa Pig Party. I’m exhausted. Despite a massive cake related meltdown on Friday afternoon and a slight panic when my jeans wouldn’t do up Saturday morning (they were done up already…) the party went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves; and my mini quiches. The birthday Smush was very spoilt and we are very grateful to our friends and family who showered her with love and generosity.
I feel like I’ve earnt a wine and an afternoon of reading.
So without further ado, I present the Digital Parents July Blog Carnival. I am this month’s host and somewhere in between all that went on this week I managed to get all the entries, ALL 57, up and running. Again, wine. This is a great display of bloggy goodness, so grab a cuppa (or wine) and get reading.

Monique   Your Cheeky Monkey

A poem written especially for my baby girl born last year.
Facebook  T @YrCheekyMonkey
Georgia   Parental Parody
The wine bra. Possibly the best invention since the wine cask. Also, super convenient for the busy Mum who has her hands full.
Facebook   T @parental_parody
Toni       Sew Jereli
After seeing a tragedy unfold in Bangladeshi clothing factories, I have set out a little challenge for myself. To sew the basics my kids need for the upcoming summer season.
Lisa   Circle of Toast
The tale of one woman’s woeful attempts to master music – and failing.
T @circleoftoast
Vicki       ShoppeGirls – a journal of style and inspiration
Parisians are acknowledged the world over for their impeccable style. I for one love the book Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange and here I share a few tips on how to change your style the Parisian chic way.             Facebook   T @ShoppeGirls
Deb   Debbish dot com
My reaction to the fact that you can now order tuckshop online!
Facebook    T @RockafellaSkank
Kristyn  MummyK
Understanding the day when my mum placed a bucket on my head. Because we all have those moments as a mum.
Facebook   T @mummyk

Sarah    TOMFO – Tomorrow’s Family Organiser

A post about using some of your child’s art by re purposing onto tin cans, then use a magnetic knife rack to attach them. A nifty way to hang these art pieces and get organised at the same time so you can do more of what you love!
Jackie    Loving Lunches
Happy Birthday Eric Carle! A cute little lunch I made for my Miss M while she’s been in the mood for requesting strange sandwiches.
Facebook  T  @LovingLunches
Deb   Diet Schmiet
The frustration we feel when food allergies or intolerances are incorrectly labelled.
Facebook      T @schmiet
Rebecca    Cooking with Bek – Author Rebecca Mugridge
Healthy &Delicious Picnic Food Recipes Picnic’s are a magical way for families and friends to enjoy the great outdoors and relax, and at their heart is the glorious food. 13 delicious picnic recipes and photography.            Facebook    T @bekmugridge
Alison   Talking Frankly
I do not buy into the current climate set by the media and political soundbites of fear, prejudice, racism and bigotry.  This is why not.
Facebook   T @cheekyfriend
Lila     Little Wolff
Dealing with teaching your children that the rules are not the same for everyone.  Fostering ongoing conversation between parents and children on why you can do things that they can’t.
FacebookT @LittleWolffBlog

Lydia    Where the Wild Things Were
Exploring what constitutes a swear word…
T @lydiaclee
Lara        This Charming Mum
Do we lose our passion for life as we get older? In Breakfast Club terms, I used to be Molly Ringwald – now I’m a soulless Dick!
Facebook     T @ThisCharmingMumAlison    Oculus Mundi
The bint who hated baldy tadgers
A humorous, irreverent and mature chat about why I definitely prefer men to be un-manscaped.
T @_oculusmundi

Leanne   Dr Leanne Winter – Raising Boys
One recent study suggests too much TV leads to dire consequences for children while another suggests it’s not that big a deal. What are parents to do in the face of such conflicting evidence?
Facebook       T @DrLeanneWinter
Leonie      Yoga Mamata
The Content Child. Book synopsis: How Yoga Meditation or Mindfulness can help you and your feel connected content and calm. For mothers and children. Leonie Percy is a Yoga teacher for mums and kids.                         Facebook
Cassie   The Flying Drunken Monkey
I’m currently alternating between thinking that this is a fantastic idea, and that I’m never going to be able to manage studying online and a toddler and a newborn.

T @flydrunkmonkey

Janelle     Me and Mia
What little clues can we find in our children’s behaviour to give us a glimpse of their future personalities?  Are they shaped by us, or pre-determined by genetics?
T @Me_and_Mia_blog
Lisa       New Life on the Road
We share how we Travel Australia our way, and we answer the person who attacked us on Facebook, asking them to please take the time to know us.
 Facebook     T @NewLifeOnRoad
Amanda    Cooker and a Looker
A recipe for spicy pumpkin soup with Mexican cream and a yarn about another parenting stuff up.        Facebook     T @CookerandLooker
Rhianna     A Parenting Life
What would you do if your sister had breast cancer? For Samuel Johnson it is more a case of what he wouldn’t do.
Facebook   T @aparentinglife
Malinda      My Brown Paper Packages
A delicious and easy recipe and some tips for gnocchi that anyone can make at home with no fancy gadgets.            Facebook T  @MBPaperPackages
Nikki     Wonderfully Women
26 wonderful tips to help keep your family happy and healthy.
Facebook    T  @nixxmorgan
Linda      Mums on the Go
I recently flew solo to Perth (from Sydney) with my 10 month old baby. I have been flying with kids for a few years now but this solo trip inspired me to share some tips about flying with babies.
Facebook    T  @mumsonthego
Rebecca      Daycare Decisions
Mums are great but often there are twenty-plus years between your parents having you and you having your child. Also being pregnant and having your own children makes you reflect on your own parenting and what an awesome parent you plan to be and how you will do things a bit differently. Those twenty to thirty years is a long time in terms of parenting. Many of the fundamentals stay the same e.g. how babies are born, when they decide to come, but thanks to research and technology there have been a few other helpful developments. This Daycare Decisions blog post gives you 5 things you will do differently to your mum.
Facebook     T @daycared
Toni       Finding Myself Young
My top 10 tips for pregnancy.
Caitlin       Mother Down Under
I was on holidays in the States and was both amazed and appalled by the local Walmart…and the consumerism that went with it.
Facebook     T @MotherDownUnderJessi       Mother Wildflower
TheFinal Countdown
My husband works away with the Australian Army,and here I share what it is like waiting for his return home with 4 kids.
Facebook      T @JessiGlauser

Michaela      Not another slippery dip
This post explores the reasons behind why I blog. I blog to create; to capture; to connect; and to express.                Facebook        T @MichaelaRoseFox
Emily     Mama Going Solo
A shout out to those great and altruistic gentlemen out there who help mamas like me realise our dream of becoming parents.  And an encouragement to people to consider donating.
Facebook      T @mamagoingsolo
Cathy    Wandering Sheila
Making the most of the sea air even though I wasn’t feeling 100%.
Facebook     T @cathylpowell
Clare       Checks and Spots
Being the mother of a son is as delicious as swimming in honey. This little piece is about the type of man I hope our boy becomes.
Facebook   T @checksandspots

Tonya    The Crafty Mummy
How to redirect visitors to your old blog address over to your new address when you don’t have a automatic redirection.
Facebook     T @CraftiMummy
Alicia      One Mother Hen
A ‘my place in time’ post. My take on power and electricity through photos of our local wind farm.                Facebook      T  @alleychook
Jodie      Parent Wellbeing
The topic of baby sleep can be very emotional for lots of people. But it’s not helpful to divide parents into opposing camps.
Facebook      T @parentwellbeingLisa      Raising Explorers
The top five reasons why Peppa Pig rocks 
“Dear Peppa Pig,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”
Facebook   T @RaisingXplorers
Narelle      Cook Clean Craft
A simple skirt and magnetic paper dolls – the perfect gift for a little girl.
Facebook   T @cookcleancraft
Robyn   Mrs D plus 3
My memories and a tribute to a truly inspirational man – Nelson Mandela.
Facebook    T @mrsdplus3
Natalie       Natalia Familia
I was invited to spend the Winter Solstice celebrating in the bush with great friends, tasty food, rich wine, a warm fire and lots of candles. Here is the story.
CJ            10% Inspired
An exploration of why I’m so stupidly shy, and why that has to stop.
Facebook       T @10Inspired
CJ            The Black Stamp
How is it possible that there is a minority group in this country whose women are 80% more likely to wind up in the Emergency room… and we’re not all howling from the rooftops about it?
Facebook       T @blackstampaus
Alisha    Naughty Naturopath Mum
My friend was killed in sudden and shocking circumstances, his story aired on Australian Story on the ABC on Monday the 24th June so I published this blog that same date encouraging people to watch and as a tribute to him.
Kangaroo Dad
In these busy times of work and family life, do you make time to date your significant other?
Facebook    T @kangaroodad
Shenoah   Momsasaurus
My struggle PTSD after the traumatic c-section birth of my first child. How it continues to affect me 2 years later.
Facebook     T @Momsasaurus
Dida       Adventures in Jedi
Reflections on how it feels when mummy becomes “the angry mummy”.
Facebook     T @DidaSundet
Maddy      mummawoosah
Fifties retro fashion and styling, makeup, hair did, a glamour photo shoot with a kitsch and lovingly restored ‘50’s caravan named Peggy Sue, ooh and food glorious food – what’s there not to love of this amazing combo!?
Facebook     T @mummawoosah
Melanie     Mummy & the Minis
Learning to love my daughter for who she is, not what she is told to be.
T @mummyminis
Danya Banya
A letter to my beautiful daughter, JJ, who is now a very big three year old.
Facebook    T @Danya_Banya
Becc       Take Charge Now
The post delves into my thoughts on whether we have control over our destiny. Is there a way that we can steer it in a certain direction?
Facebook    T @takechargebecc
Hayley    Middle Class Mama’s
I was thrilled to be a part of a glamour photo shoot, I highly recommend having this done! I felt like such a princess!
T @MidClassMamas
Mandy  A Little Space like Home
Trying to eat healthier?  Don’t have much time?  Try these super easy and super quick rice paper rolls.                  Facebook    T @Miss_Mandy76
Lizzy       The Muddle-Headed Mamma
I am a new blogger; a former teacher, mother of two and partner of an eccentric Sicilian. I blog about my frequent collisions with chaos, books, games and all things Italian.
T @lizzyallan1
Emily     You learn something new every day
I’m sorry I can’t be the perfect mother I seem to expect myself to be.
Facebook    T @emhawkerblog

Kimberley       Melbourne Mum
When pop culture, urban legend and religious education intersect during a car conversation with my 7 year old.
Facebook    T @MelbourneMum1LaurenGold Coast Mum
My Hair You’ve Changed
Mother of two (with TWINS also on the way) Gold Coast Mum discusses the affect pregnancy/kids has had on her formerly luscious-locks and why she now resembles Harry Potter’s Hagrid.
Facebook  T @GoldCoastMum

Stephanie    stephsjoy
Cyber smart?
How cyber smart are you? Learning about the digital space
T @stephsjoy

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