Filling in the Days! {Terrific Toddler Activities}

Recently I decided to start making Smushy’s days less toy based and a bit more activities based. Both for her development and my sanity. She’s great at playing with her stuff but little people need crazy amounts of variation and if I hear that goddamn bongo drum song one more time I will cry and then throw it at the TV. I know daycare centres rotate toys so I’ve started doing the same. (Mostly as a matter of my sanity, must learn to space talking toys out.) Also the truth is, kids seem to prefer ‘real’ stuff. Smushy thinks she’s people, you know? Hence why pegs and wooden spoons tend to be far more fascinating than penguins that talk.
I’ve got loads of activities for kids up my sleeve but they’re mostly for plus 5’s so I had to do some digging around/ changing up for baby/toddler type activities. And of course, Pinterest came through as always. I’ve been pinning heaps of activities and working my way through them. I’ve tweaked a lot of them and destroyed several patches of carpet along the way but m’eh, all for a good cause. I’m not Martha Stewart y’all, so the easier to prepare the better.
I’m going to try and pop up a new activity each week that I’ve tried. Honest to God, keeping a toddler amused is hard work, so I hope these can help you fill in some of your day. Or at least give you 5 minutes to attack the secret chocolate in the pantry. Or secret wine.
Yoghurt Finger Paint. 
Because real finger paint and babies just won’t do when you live in a rental property.
You need….
*Vanilla Yoghurt
*Food Colouring
*High Chair
*Wet cloth.
Dob the yoghurt on the high chair. Squeeze a few drops of food colouring into the dobs and let your child go crazy.
Self cleaning.
Snack and play in one.
Great for sensory exploration.
Good for teaching colours.
Good for fine motor.
Colours mix and go yucky after a while.
Sticky factor.
listen sookie yoghurt paint 2listen sookie yoghurt paint 3 listen sookie yoghurt paint 4listen sookie yoghurt paint

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