3.31pm {Bunches of Motivation}

It’s 3.31pm and Addison is fast asleep. I should wake her up because lord knows what time she’ll be up to tonight, but she didn’t fall asleep until 2pm and I am enjoying the quiet. Spouse is away for two nights on a conference and whilst I’m working Thursday and Friday, I’ll have two evenings to watch and do, what I want! (Not that I don’t normally do whatever the hell I want, but you know, I won’t have to hide my CCS playing.)

Normally alone time would mean a huge junk food binge but what with me doing 12WBT and all, there will be no binge. I’m in Week 2 now and it’s good. The food is easy to make and easy to eat. The exercise is harder. There’s a lot of it and I’m struggling with how to fit it in on my 2 work days. I get up at 5.45am to get ready and am home round 4.30pm, but the baby is not down till 7pm and by then I’m dead on my feet. I’m not sure how to tackle that.
My mind is clear though. It’s like the removal of the crap food has cleared a lot of the crap out of my head. I’m able to focus better on what needs changing in my life and my approach to stuff in general.
We are through the looking glass here people.
I realised today though, that I have a long, long way to go. When I start these types of things, I always feel pumped. But around this point reality sets in and I start to see just how far off the end game is. It’s quite confronting and heavy. I’m not as discouraged as I have been in the past though, when confronted with the realities of just how tough sustained weight loss can be. I’m not sure what’s changed, but whatever it is, it’s a good thing.
One week, one day, one moment at a time.
And a whole bunch of other motivating quotes…

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