30 Days of Chocolate and TV. {Challenge this}

Wowsers. Has anyone else noticed the amount of ‘challenges’ on Instagram and other social media these days? It’s only peaked my interest because I’m thinking of challenging myself to an, er challenge in September. Seriously, go have a look, I challenge you. (See what I did there.) You can challenge yourself to wear lipstick every day or juice something every day or do 5000 push ups every day.  I don’t think I actually own enough lipsticks to wear 30 different colours. In fact, I’m pretty bloody sure, I don’t own any, and haven’t since 1987. I also don’t have a juicer. I used to have a blender but then I put hot soup in it, followed by water and it cracked. And I have no desire to do fitness challenges. Sadly, these current popular challenges are not for me. If you do compete in one of these challenges though, you get a dinky hash-tag to go with it. That way everyone can see how your lipstick wearing/juicing/push up-ing is progressing. And if you’re lucky, you can get picked to be one of the day’s best and featured on the challenge master’s page.
Some challenges are for men only, some only for vegans.(Hash-tag manstagram, yes, really.) Others are known as dares. Like, I dare you to wear/do/say this every day for a whole month. What happens if say, a female meat eater enters a vegan male challenge? Are there unspoken rules? What if all the participants drop out half way? Challenge over? Also, there seems to be a lot of photo a day ones. Does the first ever photo a day creator own this concept??
If you compete in one of these challenges every month for say a year, that’s a dang lot of photos out there. Imagine if you wanted them gone. The internet is forever youse guys.
I always join these types of things but then lose interest and join my own personal challenge of eating Tim Tams and watching excellent television. In fact, if that was a challenge I’d definitely be featured on the best of page. Hash-tag 30daysofchocolateandtv. Winning!
Props though, to those who stick with them, especially that 30 Day Shred one. Dayum, that shit look hard son! So if you end up looking like the chick with the abs in the photo at the end, well, good on you. I’m here, on the couch, cheering you on. Of course, come next Monday, I will be not on the couch, but rather emerging sylph like from my unhealthy coma and living the health dream.
Actually, I’ll probably be having some kind of detox breakdown. Probably.

7 thoughts on “30 Days of Chocolate and TV. {Challenge this}

  1. Me

    LOL – I’m with you on all the challenges. I have started a few but never seem to finish any.
    I like sitting on the couch but can’t eat chocolate !!
    Have the best week !

  2. Bossy Mummy

    I go into these things with such gusto, then by about day four, forget, my enthusiasm peters out aNd it’s over for me!!!
    I think 30 days of chocolate would be one I could get my head around though 🙂

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  3. Deb @ home life simplified

    awesome! mine would be #30daysofreadingbooksinbed

    i try photo a day (the real one lol) over and over but only do days that i want #sucharebel

    Lisa at Random acts of zen has a new tack on this – she picked 10 photo prompts amnd you do them whenever you want in 1 month = less pressure!

  4. havealaughonme

    LOVE YOUR WORK Mez! I have never taken up one of these challenges, not just because I have a problem with sticking to ANYTHING, apart from alcohol and chocolate, but I have trouble keeping up with my real life! Em x


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