Dreamy Dough {Terrific Toddler Activities}

I have refrained from giving Smush play dough as I kinda feel most of it will be eaten rather than played with, and I’m not altogether sure I want to find out how that will emerge out the other end. However last week, after we were all sick and I was ready to lock myself in the toilet with a bottle of vodka, I decided it was time for a new activity that would give me at least 5 minutes of peace so I decided to do dough…for beginners. I used to make this for my kindy class for the sand trough as it feels like soft, silky sand. For a while I called it silky dough until one of the kids started calling it dreamy dough. From then on, it was dubbed, The Dreamy Dough.
It smells lovely because of the baby oil, though you can use any oil really and it comes both together and apart easily. Addison spent a lot of time running it through her fingers and ooohing and aahhing. Very cute. Adjust the amounts as required. Unfortunately, food dye doesn’t work with this dough, so if you’re after colour, go with regular play dough.
You can keep it in an airtight container for a week or so afterward.
(As stated below, this makes the floor super slippery. We used a mat. However I soon discovered, when I went barefoot skiing down the balcony, just how slippery it can be.)
Simple to make, no cooking required.
Ingredients on hand.
Sensory Play.
Imaginative Play.
Easy to clean.
No colours.
If used on tiled floors be careful! Oil makes the tiles slippery. Try a mat.
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