Muffin Tin Monday {Cause I can’t clean the flippin’ highchair again..}

I love dinky little lunch kits. Like those Bento ones, and to a lesser extent, plane food. (Only because of the orange juice things and individually wrapped bread rolls; not because of the taste.) The Bento movement is going strong right now and I’ve seen some seriously creative lunching! For me though, I don’t want to spend hours creating sandwich bears and vegetable clowns, only to have it thrown on the floor, or more likely, the ceiling. However, I am being driven spare by the highchair clean up, so it’s muffin tins ahoy! 
So cute and so easy. I picked up the tin for a buck at Woolies! I blue tacked it to the highchair as I knew she’d fling it otherwise (Addison is freakishly strong and suction plates are no match for her brute strength.) and filled it with her usual lunch items and voila! Done. I know a lot of people use dips, which I think would be yummy too. Messy, but yummy.

2 thoughts on “Muffin Tin Monday {Cause I can’t clean the flippin’ highchair again..}

  1. SlapdashMama

    EXCELLENT IDEA! Baby B is SO farking fussy, much more than his sister was at the same age. I never had many worries with P, she has always been a good eater. I am at my wit’s end with B. I will have to try more snacky arrangements like this x


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