Soap Mud {Terrific Toddler Activities}

Soap Mud.
It’s Awesome.
That’s all you really need to know.
Ha! The days have been so nice and we’ve been cooped up like spotty chickens with this damn hand, foot and mouth. So today I decided we were getting out into the sunshine, even if it was only balcony sunshine.
I have been weirdly excited to try out this soap mud activity! I was mystified as to how toilet paper, soap and water could form such a squishy and soft mixture. But it really, truly works! I grated the soap last night and Smush ‘helped’ me tear up the paper this morning. Once we’d mixed it all up, we headed outside for some squishy fun. It feels like mousse! (Does not taste like mousse though, as the Smush soon found out.) It was a really fun and tactile activity that keep Addison occupied for a good amount of time.
Grate bars of soap
Add soap to torn paper.
Add hot water. (Warm water won’t melt the soap! Allow to cool before playing.)
Whisk and stir till thick and foamy.
Add colouring if desired!
Put a mat down as it will make tiles slippery! 
*Feels amazing; great for squishing!
*Sensory Play
*Imaginative Play
*Can be coloured or sparkles added.
*Easy to clean and make
*Can make the floor and little feet slippery! Be careful!
*Not an inside activity
*Some prep required
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