Wordless Wednesday {Eatin’ leaves & smushin’ stuff}

I’m not good at photography, it’s not an interest to be honest, but sometimes I take some decent photos and I want to share them. Possibly though, it’s the subject matter that makes the difference. And I happen to think the subject matter of these photos is pretty good…

Addison would play in the garden all day if she could, just eatin’ leaves and smushin’ stuff. It actually, just almost, makes me look forward to warmer days spent lazing and playing in the sun. 
Did I actually just say that?

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday {Eatin’ leaves & smushin’ stuff}

  1. havealaughonme

    Oh those are gorgeous subjects there!! Love the leaves, what tree/bush are they off? Love seeing kids so bundled up, mine are in pants and short sleeve tops and no shoes. I do love QLD winters x


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