Clean Painting {Terrific Toddler Activities}

I’m not the greatest advocate for arts and crafts. It’s the one subject (besides sport) that I would happily pass to a specialist teacher. I love the idea of it, and I love the finished product hanging proudly up across the classroom, but it’s the in between that I find painfully stressful. Especially when, for some mad reason, every time I do painting with kids, I end up ruining carpet or being painted on!

So I wasn’t altogether convinced that I should attempt paint with the Smush, especially in a rental property that has white carpet. (Stupid, hey?)

But, YOLO! And I know Smushy loves all the activities we do, so I figured anything with actual paint would be a hit. Discovering ‘clean’ painting sealed the deal. So armed with the beginner Crayola paint, paper and a plastic sleeve we bravely embarked on our journey of toddler arts and crafts.


  • Dob paint onto paper and gently slide into plastic sleeve or ziplock bag. Seal and then tape down onto surface.
  • Once the painting is finished, gently slide it out of the sleeve or bag and hang to dry.

Needless to say It was a massive success and Smushy loved it. As did I!

listensookie clean painting 3

listensookie clean painting 5 listensookie clean painting 2 listensookie clean painting 4 listensookie clean painting


  • Easy to prepare and clean up.
  • Requires very little materials.
  • Mess is contained and the activity can be done inside or out.
  • Sensory Play- lots of opportunity for new textures.
  • Great for talking about colours, texture and shapes!
  • Lost of opportunities for talking about what the child has created.


  • Children are somewhat limited in their creativity due to the paper being contained in the sleeve. This is a first step into the world of art and something you would move on from.
  • Can be tricky to slide the painting out of the sleeve/zip lock bag without smearing their artwork.

Hanging Addison’s first artwork on the fridge was one of those cheesy, fuzzy parenting moments. Bless.


3 thoughts on “Clean Painting {Terrific Toddler Activities}

    1. Listen Sookie Post author

      Hi Kirsten! Good question, what I do is dollop the paint onto the paper then ease it slowly into the plastic sleeve or zip lock bag. It’s suprisingly easy to get it in without smearing. Mez xx


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