The Nap Time Spring Clean {Clearing the Crap}


It’s very nice and Spring-y outside. I’m quite enjoying it actually. There is no humidity and I like the sunshine. It’s a good time to clear the crap from life and start afresh. I feel all weighed down at home, so I’ve been throwing stuff away for weeks. Bits and pieces, bits and pieces…. How the hell do we have so much stuff??  When we got back from Los Angeles, we had nothing. Now we have redonculous amounts. Granted, the small person has her own truckload, but we are both still just as loaded down. The truth is, I hate clutter. Hate it. I can’t breathe from it. And didn’t some psychologist type person say that clutter creates chaos emotionally and physically? One viewing of Hoarders: Buried Alive is enough to back up that claim frankly.

The thing is though, cleaning with a toddler around is basically pointless. As soon as you pick up one thing, something else is down. It’s like a small hurricane that goes off intermittently, leaving a trail of quite focused destruction.  (My child can destroy a room in 2 minutes flat. Swear. One afternoon she pulled every wipe from the box in the time it took for me to get a glass of water.) So, I want to do a Spring Clean but I don’t have the time, or patience to spend hours on it. I have nap time or nighttime, and to be honest, nighttime is for wine and chillaxin’. So I decided to create a Nap Time Spring Clean printable list to work off. I need instructions in front of me these days. My brain is fried so lists are my friend.

Listen Sookie Naptime Spring Clean

Feel free to print off a copy for yourself. It’s pretty basic but it’s a perfect list for that nap time frame. If you have a lot to de-clutter; spend a week or so clearing beforehand. A clean slate is a lot easier to tidy up than one that’s covered in junk! You’ll just end up frustrated if you attempt to do it all at once.

Happy clearing out the cobwebs….


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