Halloween Potato Paint & Stamp {Terrific Toddler Activities}

This is a cute little painting activity that you can tweak to suit your child. (I totally typed twerk the first time.) Smushy is a bit more interested in smearing the paint and getting messy than actually ‘stamping’ so we didn’t bother cutting a pumpkin face into the potato, but I think older kids would love that, so give it a go! The potato is a perfect size for little hands to grasp and maneuver and doesn’t require washing afterward, yay!


I decided to let Smushy go to town with the painting and then use her artwork to create a little Halloween keepsake. I simply sliced a potato in two, making sure it had 30 or so minutes to dry before use. (The paint doesn’t bind well with a wet potato.) I taped paper down and mixed up some of the Crayola My First Paints and then let Smush go wild. She had a great time and got suitably messy as I couldn’t find her paint shirt! 





Afterwards I simply did my own interpretation of a Jack O Lantern and voila! a cute little keepsake for this year. Next Halloween we’ll definitely be having a go at Jack O Lantern stamping!


This activity doesn’t just have to be a Halloween one, we’ll be doing it again just for fun. I was even thinking of maybe doing our Christmas wrapping paper this way.


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