Halloween Sorting {Terrific Toddler Activities}

Halloween is my favourite celebration of the year! It’s only become big in Australia over the last few years and I am so happy people are finally getting involved. Spending Halloween in the USA was awesome. I loved the decorations and the trick or treaters. Dressing up, making decorations and treats; it’s loads of fun. Get in the spirit! (See what I did there, ha.)

I’ve got three activities for the kids, the first of which is Halloween sorting with ice cube trays. Smushy is obsessed with sorting things into piles and absolutely loved this simple and engaging activity.  I found the bits and pieces at a $2 store and used some ice cube trays we had already. She was engaged for about 30 minutes and afterward we went and collected all the bits and pieces up and popped them into our pumpkin. She has been going and grabbing the pumpkin and sorting the bits all week since then!

This is a great little activity for building fine motor skills and categorising colours, shapes, textures etc. It’s easy to prepare for and easy to clean up.



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