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An Open Letter to the Big 2….

You know who you are.

I’m trying really hard to stop being such a whore with my money. So I’ve started perusing your catalogues in the hope of shopping ‘to the specials.’ (Unfortunately, you haven’t learnt all about the awesomeness of coupons yet. But let’s face it, that would mean real savings for customers…something you are not in the business of providing, right?) Back to the point. You see, when I look at your catalogues; well, I want to ask you something. Why is junk constantly on special? Like, every week? Page after page, after page. In case you were wondering, this week’s catalogue goes something like this…

Cover- Slabs of Coke

Pages 1-9 Chips, Chocolate, More Fizzy Drink, Snacks and Frozen meals.

Wait! Light Yoghurt’s on special in the middle…..and on to more junk. Household and Alcohol.

On Page 29 of 32 there are 3 fruit and veggie specials. THREE. Apples, Mandarins and Tomatoes.

A few bits of meat. Annnnnnd the back page is chips and lollies.


You’re not surprised are you? You made it and I mean, it makes complete sense business wise to put these items on sale. They’re addictive and appealing. The more you eat, the more you want, the more you buy. I’ve never seen or know of anyone addicted to cucumbers. But I know plenty who are to crap food. Myself included. Do you plan these specials with the food companies? I don’t know much about the regulations in Australia, maybe you could tell me more?

Mr and Ms Supermarket suits, this isn’t a cop out. I’m not blaming you for making me fat. I got there myself. I know a lot of parenting groups and people do blame you; the companies. But at the end of the day, everyone has free will. Whether it’s shoving it in your own gob or your child’s, you choose to do that.


Imagine if the catalogues were different. Or better yet! If the pricing every day were different. If fresh fruit and veggies were half the price, even 2/3 the price. If lean meat and fresh seafood were cheaper. If these items were made appealing and advertised with gusto, the way the junk is! It might not make me prefer broccoli to cheeseburgers, but it would damn well help. If you didn’t make it so freaking easy for people to access it. If you made fresh food affordable for everyone. I didn’t realise only the high earners deserved health.  Imagine how you would benefit the farmers and growers, by pushing these items as hard as you do the processed stuff. And in store; imagine if you filled the end of supermarket aisles with displays of fresh stuff or healthier packaged foods. I don’t need to see Doritos at the end of every aisle. I like Doritos. But they don’t like me.

I know you’re just out to make money. You pretend to care about the public, but the truth is, you don’t give two shits. It’s profit over people and you’re raking it in, so why change right? I don’t want to get all crazy conspiracy gal on your ass, but seriously, do you plan these specials with the food companies? Trying to keep us addicted and buying? 

I guess if you’re head of a company that big, it doesn’t matter about shopping to the specials. At your house, it’s the fresh food people, everyday. But maybe one day, you’ll come to the party not bearing chips but platters of fruit.One can hope. In the meantime, keep your specials; I’m heading to the Farmer’s Market.


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  1. April

    I hear ya on many points.

    Recently, a new supermarket opened down the road from me, and in the media it was described as a ‘change in supermarket shopping’. I scoffed and pushed it aside. I happened to need veggies and milk on the way home from the daycare run earlier this week and called into said “changed supermarket shopping” and was pleasantly suprised. The fresh produce section makes up a third of the store. A THIRD! There is fruit on the end of several aisles, they encourage you to pay 50c for a piece of fruit as you walk into the store to curb those “I’m so hungry that I am going to eat this chocolate bar in the car on the way home” moments.

    I can’t say I will do my regular shopping there, I prefer to use the avoidance tactic and shop online, but it was a nice change to not have doritios and slabs of chocolate shoved in my face as I rounded every corner.

  2. Lydia C. Lee

    Interesting, I’ve not thought about this before, but you’re right. I guess the theory is you need to buy what you need to buy and the specials are about buying what you don’t need, but are lured into because it’s “SO CHEAP” I’ll admit, we buy Helgas (because difficult eater decided that was the only brown bread he’d eat – and he doesn’t eat white bread) and it’s often 2 for $6 – I buy 2 loaves to save a dollar on each loaf, but if I don’t remember to freeze the second one in time, I end up chucking it out – which means I should have just paid more for 1….

  3. Robomum

    You are so right!!! I just picked up a catalogue that was lying here around and it was the same. They don’t care. At all. As you say they only care about profits.
    I have a fussy eater at home who will happily eat crap but cringes at healthy foods. And 6 days out of seven I try my hardest. Big business has a great deal to answer for.
    Thanks for linking up today. Robo X

  4. Lani

    Too true! The worst thing is that those crappy, not-even-real foods are CHEAPER to produce than a decent, wholesome piece of fruit. So I guess they’re operating on economies of scale. But I’m so glad that people worldwide are slowly realising they’ve been HAD with these second-rate foods and are returning to real, seasonal produce. Yay for farmers’ markets!

    Commenting via the Lounge

  5. Ness

    Half the time I just throw all the cattle dogs straight into the recycle bin. With good reason. They’re not called junk mail for nothing.

  6. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Since I moved to Australia this whole C v’s W thing has been new to me. Back home there were grocery shops but they sourced local stuff, okay so maybe that was years ago, but there aren’t petrol deals there. Love this post 🙂

    1. Listen Sookie Post author

      Thanks love. We need more supermarkets, I miss my American grocery shop where I had actual choice! X

  7. Kim

    You’re so right, and I always notice this and get annoyed. I don’t buy this stuff, and I want the stuff I buy to be discounted. But then… right when I least expect it, as I’m almost at the checkout, my right hand shoots out, unbidden, and grabs a giant packet of kettle chips and flings it in my trolley with gay abandon, ONLY BECAUSE THEY”RE HALF PRICE. They play a role in the fattening of Australia. THey can’t deny it.


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