Super Fun Happy List! {Tomorrow I am 33}

Today is my last day as 32 year old me. Tomorrow I will be 33. That’s pretty old. But I do like the double figures thing.

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I am feeling reflective today. (Also a wee bit stressed, as Smushy just ran, full ball into the door frame and is now sporting a large, black bump.) I want tomorrow to be a fresh start. With cake.

As all good things start with a list, here is my hell yeah, let’s make 33 a super good fun year list.

1. Stop scratching mozzie bites. (That’s mosquito bites for all the non-Australian readers. Hello Bosnia and Herzegovina!) You look like an ice addict crack ho.

2. No is not a dirty word. Repeat this daily and you will stop getting sucked into hosting party plan parties which you then have to get out of with the weirdest excuses this side of weird town.

3. Butter and sugar mixed together don’t a lunch make.

4. Water plants more. They look pretty bad.

5. Accept that you are a homebody and that a night spent with family and friends in the comfort of a home is now your favourite thing. Stop making excuses for this, going out doesn’t really appeal anymore. It’s OK. Who cares what others think?

6. Enjoy the nights out you do have. They are always a good time.

7. Start bringing your lunch to work. The sandwiches you keep buying suck.

8. Use the running apps you have on your phone. Downloading them isn’t the same as actually going for a run.

9. Start returning text messages and emails on the spot. Reading them, forgetting to reply and then replying a week later doesn’t help the person who wants to know if you want to meet that day.

10. Enjoy every minute of this here 33rd year. Your life is pretty great, remember that.


One thought on “Super Fun Happy List! {Tomorrow I am 33}

  1. Mumabulous

    Happy Birthday. Whipper snapper! Its a distant memory now but 33 was a bloody great year for me. I am sure it will be for you too. I’ll take your sage advice on the watering the plants thing.


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