Are you serious? {Very}

I’m going to tell you something that may shock you. We are going to buy an apartment in Sydney. Yuk. Mortgage. Very scary. Bah.

But you see, we want a home base here that we can call our own. We toyed with the idea of jumping into a house sized mortgage, which let me assure you, in Sydney, is bloody huge. However we feel starting smaller is better. The best part is, we will have a foot in the property market and can rent it out if we mosey back overseas. Plus I can paint a wall pink or something. I’m really trying to calm my fears about the whole thing.

Last night went a long way in furthering this cause.


The bogans upstairs were out of control. So much so that I phoned the police, as did next door and downstairs. I actually got a tension headache from the whole situation. I guess the Melbourne Cup made it worse as they had clearly been drinking for a large portion of the day. They also had an altercation with our lovely next door neighbours in the stairwell, as 3 or 4 drunk, scantly clad she-bogans decided to run up and down the stairs screaming. I’m not sure if the police came, as around 11pm I fell asleep from exhaustion, only to be woken at 12.30pm by someone bashing on their door, screaming out for Dave. I got out, opened our door and yelled ” Are you SERIOUS?” at the top of my lungs. Only at that point did I realise that Spouse was home, when he jumped up off the couch, naked except for boxers, yelling, “I’m not that drunk, I’m serious!” Yeah, you’re smashed babe. After all that, my tension headache was so bad I had to resort to drinking the baby Panadol as we were all out of tablets. At least it was quiet from that point onward though.

Today I am exhausted and very mad. Mad because we pay a lot of rent; we are good tenants. This is a quiet building in a very quiet, good area. I don’t buy the excuse that they’re young and silly. This is bullshit man. I was scared last night. My child deserves a peaceful, safe environment. Not one tainted by 2 bogans, riding on the coattails of their ignorant mother who is paying their way in life and enabling 2 unemployed and inconsiderate little shitheads to truly affect the people trying to live peaceful lives around them.

I can’t wait to move.

But I’m still terrified.


One thought on “Are you serious? {Very}

  1. Lisa Barton-Collins

    Congratulations and well done on A, jumping into the property market and buying your first home, and B doing the right thing and getting the hell out of dodge! Bogan neighbours suck.
    Hope your new home is wonderful!


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