Get organised this Christmas! {Christmas Planning Printables}

So it’s almost that time of the year. The most wonderful, read stressful, time of the year. I find Christmas incredibly stressful and head-achy. I like New Years much better. (Neither compares to Halloween though.) You see, I feel like I have to perform. The whole forced together with extended family stuff, the rude people at shops and the eating orgy makes me nervous and prone to vomiting.

I want to be merry and love Christmas like I used to, so I’m trying super hard to focus on the good.  And I knew that by being organised and planning I could make things better for all of us. I did all the toy shopping in the sales and had it delivered. Other gifts were done online also, and I now have no need to go to a mall until 2014. Instead of writing myself notes all over bits of scrap paper I have created my own planning sheets and have a clear picture of what needs to be done and when. (We have 3 weddings and 4 birthdays amongst all the festive stuff, so I need to keep up!!)

I feel less nauseous already. So, I am passing on my planning printables to you. They’re nothing fancy but they’re bright and easy to use. 

Christmas Menu Planner


Christmas To Do List


December Planner


Christmas Gift and Food Shopping Planners


Now. If someone could bake and decorate the 200 cookies I’ve got planned, I’d be over the moon.


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