Just keep swimming {Today is Tuesday #3}

How is it Tuesday again? Blast. It’s a very quick year. 1463145_10153495045485523_948848688_n

It’s raining again. No walk, no run; no outside fun. I just did Day 1 of the crazy squat challenge. I’m in pain. My lower back pain is bad. Exercise seems to make it better but then worse. Maybe it’s just a a fleeting symptom. I’m pretty sure my core strength is eff you see kayed post c-section.

Last week I was asked if I was pregnant and then told I was morbidly obese. It was pretty shitty. I’m overweight for sure, but morbidly obese? I don’t think so. Also, why do people need to say that? Shaming me isn’t helpful. State the bleeding obvious why don’t you? I know I’m fat; now please let me deal with it in the way I’m learning how. I didn’t justify the comment with a response of my current attempts to lose weight. There’s no point in justifying stuff when the person apparently wants you to be thin tomorrow. And why should I anyway?

I want to have another baby next year. The fever started about a week ago. Eck, so crazy. But I want to be healthier, so more motivation. I lost 2 kgs this week with little effort. Imagine what I could do with a lot.

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.


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