Lists & Notes & Check-Boxes, oh my! {Meal Planning Printables}

Before I had Smushy and lost my mind (as in my ability for coherent thought and speech, not mental capacity) I was quite the organised lady. The truth is, I love being organised and I miss it. I love having lists and notes and check-boxes. (I love having Stationery for it too, expensive habit.) I need things in places and boxes and compartments. It drives Spouse mad, but at least he knows where things are. Maybe it’s being a teacher, or maybe it’s just me, but being organised calms my mind. It’s a good space to be in. Literally.

As part of my getting healthy pledge, I’ve decided to work on getting some order back into our lives. I’ve done a huge declutter and Spring Clean and I’ve started meal planning again. This has been so helpful, not only in actually getting us organised but in letting me see what we’re eating and the breakdown of meal types. (We are eating way toooo much pasta and not enough green.) It’s especially helpful on the 2 days I work and need a freezer meal. Meal Planning is the easiest way to save money by avoiding needless groceries and through the elimination of constant take out. Everyone knows that, mmmmkay?

I wanted to spruce up my Meal Planning sheets though, so being the geek I am, I created two cute spotty planners. Please feel free to download and print. I love them.


meal planning purple


meal planning pink

I don’t want to get too deep on what is essentially a post about meal planning, but I’m finding it helpful to just stop putting stuff off. Getting stuck into things and having projects and plans is helping me avoid eating twenty Mars Bars at 3pm. (What is up with that time and the need for sugar?!) I’m not waiting for the mood to strike, for me to cook a healthy meal or do what needs to be done around here or even go for a run. The truth is, the mood will never strike for those things. (Watching TV and eating Magnums? Sign me up!) So may as well just do what’s gotta be done.

Git ‘ir done.


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