Why Kmart kinda sucks and ASOS is king {or the Devil?}

It’s pretty much been raining forever. I was so happy to go to work on Friday, knowing that it would no doubt be another indoor afternoon of thinking up increasingly complicated ways to keep the Smush happy. Hello Grandma, your turn!

We had a very busy weekend which meant she was out of the house and at least had new indoor spaces to explore. Stupidly though (and there’s really no other word for it), we decided to swing by the shops Sunday arvo to grab a few things.


Of course, rain plus Sunday meant the entire population of Sydney was there. And they were angry. From the car park to the checkout, they were mad. Perhaps they were mad because like us, they were dismayed by the crap that Kmart sells but seems to market really well on their ads as not crap. We went to get a sand and water table and look at their clothes, toys etc and frankly I was pretty disappointed. The sand and water table was good, everything else sucked. I couldn’t find anything I wanted and do you think I could find someone to help? Nope. (Many moons ago I worked there and spent my shifts sashaying around cosmetics in my short skirt, thinking I was the height of cool. I did however, help people.) Speaking of help, it took us going to 5 different counters up in David Jones, until a very bored looking employee wandered over to serve us. The only reason we were there was because we had a gift card. I really wanted some cute stocking stuffers that they had advertised, but nope, no idea what I was talking about. Will not be heading back.

The whole experience pretty much compounded why I normally shop online, especially for clothes. I love ASOS so much. So, soooooo much. I have never had anything but an excellent experience with them. They are the Devil; because all I want to do is spend all my money on their site. Such good value, good quality, quick postage and no crazy people in car parks to deal with.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a trip to the shopping mall but I’m finding myself less and less likely to part with my money at the big retailers. Online stores combined with small businesses seem to be meeting my needs. I’d rather support a growing business than one that completely and utterly ignores customers and provides second rate products at first rate prices.

Tell me, where do you shop? Are you embracing online, or sticking to the bricks and mortar?



One thought on “Why Kmart kinda sucks and ASOS is king {or the Devil?}

  1. April

    I shop where they will deliver to my work – which basically means that if I can’t do it from my desk at lunch time chances of me buying it are slim.

    The Kmart water table is good though, we had it last year and Eliza loved it!


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