Book Advent Calendar & Crushed Candy Cane Cupcakes {Festive!}

It’s been a bit of a madhouse around here and I haven’t been a very good blogger have I? It seems the crazy season has well and truly descended and as well as all the social stuff, I’ve been snowed under with Christmas bunting orders. On top of that it’s taken me nearly 2 weeks to recover from one measly cold. So I’ve been exhausted and busy; bad combo!

However, we have been well and truly getting into the swing of the festive season and I think I’ve finally found my love for Christmas again. Yay! It’s probably the Teacher and Teacher Librarian in me, but I decided to forgo a lolly Advent calendar and instead decided on a book advent for Addison. I’ve done it before in my classroom and the kids loved it! Sure enough, Addison also adores it and goes back and forth to the little book ‘tree’ numerous times a day, hoping I’ll let her unwrap a sneaky extra book. No dice. (Mean Mama.) We open them at bedtime and now Spouse and I are fighting over who gets to ‘help’ her pick one.

For the record, I didn’t purchase 24 books about Christmas! There are a few Christmasy books in there but plenty of non festive stories too. I scoured book sales for decent literature that didn’t cost the earth in the weeks prior to December and managed to score some awesome bargains. The back breaking wrapping of 24 books was totally worth it.


I’ve also been baking and last week I channelled my Candy Crush Saga obsession into cupcakes. (Yes, I have completed all 500 levels.) I used a basic cupcake recipe, with buttercream icing and topped them with crushed candy canes! The canes I’d bought last week were all broken when I opened them anyway, so I thought why not use them as toppers? They were delicious and the crunchy topping perfectly complimented the fluffy and creamy buttercream icing. I simply used a hammer to really crush them down to very small bits, not grind your bones to make my bread crushed and dipped the iced cupcake into the crushed canes. You could sprinkle them on top too.

They were really good and would be an easy Christmas party baked item. (One little tip, crush them in their plastic packaging. Much easier to keep the sticky crumbs contained!)


Hope you’re having a non-stressy approach to Christmas so far!


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