2014 Printable Planner Freebie! {NOT chevron}

Since having a child and losing my mind, I’ve been a slave to writing things down. Seriously, if I don’t write it down, it won’t happen; so bad is my memory these days. I had this fridge planner thing happening last year and it helped a lot. Especially when Spouse wanted nights out and I’d already claimed a night off…”Sorry babe, the planner has spoken.”

Anyway I’ve been looking for a good planner to stick on the fridge for a few weeks now and then suddenly January 1 was here and still no planner, oops.  So because I couldn’t find any I liked (meaning, if I see one more chevron style printable I’m going to stick my head in the oven) I decided to make my own and share it with you guys. Spots seemed like the perfect antidote to all that blasted chevron.



Feel free to download and print. I hope it can help you feel nice and organised now that a fresh new year is underway. (I’ve already broken my cutting down on Diet Coke resolution, damn addictive crap.)

And I should say, it’s not that I dislike chevron, it;s just that it’s EVERYWHERE these days. Bloggers love chevron. It’s like our coat of arms or something. I am all chevron-ed out, man. No more.


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